Nobody Saves the World is Coming to PlayStation



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Drinkbox Studios’ Nodody Saves the World launched earlier this year for PC and Xbox, but now the roguelike adventure from the makers of Guacamelee! is ready to make its debut on the PlayStation.

Nobody Saves the World is Coming to PlayStation

Just in, Nobody Saved the World has been announced for the PS4 and PS5:

From the developers of Guacamelee! comes Nobody Saves the World, a new take on Action RPGs, in which you play as a featureless nobody that can transform into many different Forms, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics.

Complete quests to discover and swap between 15+ varied and distinct Forms. Mix and match abilities in unexpected ways to unlock and complete even MORE challenging quests. Explore a vast overworld – on your own or with a friend – while clearing shape-shifting dungeons in an effort to stop The Calamity and SAVE THE WORLD!

The game is a roguelike adventure, meaning that the dungeons and rooms you get into are randomly generated making each run unique. What’s great about this upcoming version is that it’s also going to allow local co-op, so you can mix and match powers with a friend right in the comfort of your home.

Nobody Saves the World has received some stellar praise since its release, and it’s going to be great that the PlayStation community will finally be able to get their hands on it.

Nobody Saves the World is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and comes to PlayStation 4|5 on April 14.

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