Nonstop Knight Guide [Tips and Tricks]


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Prepare for nonstop action with this Nonstop Knight Guide! Learn how to advice through the game with these tips and tricks that will get your Knight started on the right foot as you quickly advance through the early stages of the game. Also check out the Facebook group to chat about the game!

Nonstop Knight Guide [Tips and Tricks]

1. Nonstop Skills

When you start off Nonstop Knight you have very few basic active skills such as Whirl and Leap but later you will gain things such as Slash, Clone and Void and variations for each of the skills through Runestones. You gain skills as your character levels up but you will only ever have 3 active skills to worry about using.

nonstop knight skills

Whirl is a fast animation, making it great for grinding. Leap is good for bosses but Leap with Gold is something you will want to use to farm money when you’re actively playing the game. You will mostly want to use Whirl:frost and Leap:Gold until later levels. Later on you will get Clone, Double Clone and Clone heal. Double clean is great for clearing mobs but Double Heal is the best ability for boss fights.
My recommended skill path once you’ve hit level 17 is Whirl:Shield, Slash: Crit, Clone: heal this setup will easily allow you to fight bosses that are even considered “very hard”. Start with your clone just before you reach the boss, then use crit slash and then Whirl shield. For more difficult fights use whirl whenever its up to mitigate damage. Use crit slash to reposition yourself if there is a fight with ADDs. Always start the fight with clone heal so you can use the cool down in the middle of a boss fight.

2. Which Nonstop Items to keep and which to level first.

While playing Nonstop Knight you will come across various items that include flat attributes such as Damage, Speed, armor, crit chance but there are also items that have On hit or after kill attributes.
For weapons you will likely want to use anything with a high % attack speed and any additional attributes, ideally on hit attributes for a secondary stat or crit chance.

For armor hold onto the items that have +% armor and +% armor with low HP as these items are very handy for hard boss fights. But you also want to keep a 2nd set of armor that has attack speed modifiers for when you go offline.

For your cloak item again, you want to look for the attack speed modifier or armor modifier, these are the most important ones unless you can find something over 20% crit chance rating.

nonstop knight weapons

Weapons are your main source of damage in the early stages of the game you can get away with just leveling your weapon stat to clear the stages. So focus on that until the bosses become “Hard” once you reach this point start dumping your money into armor upgrades. Armor is the primary stat required to clear bosses. It doesn’t matter too much for stages but when it comes to surviving a boss fight it is very important. Your cloak amplifies your abilities, its not very important so only spend money on it when you can.

3. Ascension

After a certain level you gain the ability to Ascend your Nonstop Knight. What this means is you restart from stage 1 but you lose all your items and your gold but you keep your levels and abilities and gain shop tokens which are used for Knight upgrades. Starting out you want to Ascend the first time its recommended to you and around level 32, later you ascend when you feel like you can’t advance any further, preferably after you’ve passed a stage where you get the ascend box and multiplier.nonstop knight ascend

After you’ve ascended spend your shop tokens on damage and armor modifiers, then grab whatever else is left over in the shop for you. Then use your Frenzy potions if you have them to quickly the stages you were at before or save your frenzy potion until the game becomes hard to grind out some gold. I suggest using them as soon as you ascend.

General Tips and Tricks!

  • Opening the inventory menu will slow the game time. This allows you to plan an attack or quickly upgrade mid combat.
  • Hold down the upgrade button to quickly level items.
  • Use Frenzy potions after you’ve leveled your damage or gained an attack speed item, so you can stages even faster.
  • Use Shadow Clone at the start of a boss fight to pre-damage bosses and to sometimes tank aggro.
  • Ascend twice in early game for quick bonuses. Once when it recommends, and second at stage 32.
  • Hold off on Ascending until when Battles becomes impassable and require too much gold to upgrade items.
  • Save revive potions until you reach stage 40.
  • Equip high speed items (if its not your normal gear) before you turn off the game to farm faster.
  • Watch the videos for free loot and money.
  • Don’t spend gems on the Mystery box. it usually is a low amount of gold coins. So save up to 100+ gems for a large amount of Tokens instead. when you’re in the later stages. The further in the game, the more tokens you will receive.
  • Alternatively use 10 gems to revive yourself on “impossible” boss fights to pass really hard stages.
  • Use Enemy “On hit” items. They stack up to a 10x multiplier fast.
  • Increase your armor if the boss battle says “very hard”.
  • Skills refresh as soon as you start a boss fight, so don’t be afraid to use them to clear mobs before going into a fight.
  • Buy knight upgrades for armor, damage,coins,token gains then skill damage.

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