Not a Review: The Last of Us 2 – PS5


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Naughty Dog has released a new update for The Last of Us Part II (The Last of Us 2) to give the game a nice boost to 60FPS on PS5. But is it enough to warrant a second round of revenge?

Not a Review: The Last of Us 2 - PS5

The Last of Us 2 has been given the next-gen treatment with an update that gives players on PS5 the option to play with a targeted frame rate of 60fps, or you can keep it to 30fps. But why would you? If the 60fps was unstable, like The Last of Us Remastered on base PS4, I could understand, but The Last of Us 2 runs at that sweet 60 very well.

I’ve played the opening hour with the update applied and the 60fps option ticked and it was perfect, or as close to as I could tell. I didn’t notice any dramatic drops at all. I also gave a few of the encounters a go, and rather than playing the game stealthily, I riled up every bad guy I could in an effort to draw more killers out onto the screen to see if I couldn’t get the frame rate to falter. It didn’t – it was stable the whole way. Maybe it dropped a frame or two here and there – maybe – I don’t know because I couldn’t tell; it’s far harder to spot inconsistencies when the normal running refresh rate is so high.

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The real question is, does it make the game better as a whole? And if you’re already played the story through to the end, is it worth doing it all again just because you can do it at 60fps? Yes and no.

The update does make the game better as a whole, without a doubt. The extra finesse in combat is appreciated, as well as the overall responsiveness. Sadly, the updated frame rate is about as much as this update brings – there’s no proper DualSense support and the resolution is still set to 1440p, as it was on PS5 Pro. For me, though, it’s not enough to get me to play through the game in its entirety, not yet at least. Maybe in the future when I’ve got a bit more time on my hands and the complete story is available. The original game is rumoured to be getting a complete PS5 remake, and The Last of Us 3 is ready for production, so once the trilogy is a thing, I’ll come back and do them all in one long sweaty weekend. But it’s up to you – if you’ve got nothing else on, you could certainly do a lot worse, but I would also argue that you could do a lot better with Days Gone, but that’s something for another day…

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