Genshin Impact Eula Guide: Artifacts, Weapons & Team


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With the most recent update for Genshin Impact, the community was shaken. New weapons, characters, story breakthroughs, and so much more can be found in it. Along with it, the deadly dance warrior Eula. Her kit can be quite confusing, and not to mention the tough decisions that are needed when choosing artifacts, weapons, team composition, and making the most of her abilities. Below, you will find a Eula guide in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact Eula Guide: Artifacts, Weapons & Team

Eula Guide: Artifacts, Weapons & Team

Eula can be played as a main damage-dealer in a squad, utilizing her kit of abilities to the fullest. She is a Cryo element damage-dealer, and surprisingly, it is not as difficult to complete her build as many would think.

Artifacts – Eula

The most efficient artifacts for Eula are the Pale Flame artifacts. These were also introduced in the most recent update, and they’re the best choice, mainly because of the fact that they increase physical attacks by a whopping 25% with two artifacts.

Four artifacts will lead to players getting a 9% ATK increase for 7 seconds each time that the Elemental skill hits the enemy. It is stackable up to three times and it resets in only a few miliseconds.

The main stats for the Pale Flame artifacts are:

  • Attack
  • Critical Chance
  • Physical hits bonus

Weapons – Eula

To no surprise, the best weapon for Eula is actually her own main weapon, the Song of Broken Pines. It greatly increases her attacking stats by a lot.

It has physical hits bonuses and a passive that increases attack by a whopping sixteen percent, and after hitting an enemy with a charged, or even a normal attack, players will get Sigil of Whispers. There are also some additional bonuses, which is to be expected from her own sword.

There are other swords which are viable for Eula also, should you choose to go another route. The other honorable mentions for best weapons for Eula include: the Skyward Pride and the Serpent Spine.

Team – Eula

Like I said, most of the time, Eula will be your main source of DPS on your team. Any pyro characters will do the trick, since they can use their abilities with Eula, to create a melting reaction.

Other than that, Fischl is a great choice, since you can utilize her abilities to create a superconduct reaction with the crow.

Other team member candidates include: Bennet or Xiangling. These are supports which work well with Eula, and players can gain a lot of buffs, shiels, healing, and more.

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