How To Obtain Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft 1.19


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Learn how to get your enchanted golden apples in Minecraft’s latest version, the 1.19 Caves & Cliffs Update.

How To Obtain Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft 1.19

Many different food items are available in Minecraft to help players gain buffs, extra health, and hunger bars during their adventures. Some are easy to obtain and available immediately, while others are extremely hard to get. The infamous enchanted golden apple is one of the rarest food items in the game.

Enchanted Golden Apples are one of the best items to obtain in Minecraft. These are hard to acquire, so players usually save and use them only in emergencies. Knowing how rare they are, players always hesitate to eat an Enchanted Golden Apple because of its rareness. Despite this, the myriad benefits that this food item applies can be incredibly useful under the right circumstances and when it comes to emergencies. 

Enchanted golden apples can instantly boost all hearts and provide extra health to the player. They also apply beneficial status effects like resistance, regeneration, absorption, and fire resistance to prevent them from dying, making you like a god-like player in the game.

Even though it’s not easy to get, players can get some tricks and ideas without exploring too much. It’s important to note that Enchanted Golden Apples are different from the Golden Apple item that players can craft.

To get this item, players can only loot them in chests inside certain naturally-generated structures. These things are so powerful that they can turn Zombie Villagers into regular Villagers, allowing Minecraft players to start their village.

Ways to Easily Obtain An Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft

1. Locate Ruined Portals

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Ruined Portals also house a multitude of goodies that may interest the player. Sometimes, they can be found flat on the ground as if toppled over, but most are free-standing as if they are being assembled. As a result, they can accelerate the progression of a Minecraft playthrough.

All ruined portals will have a chest spawn, filled with loot, close to them. These chests contain various golden items and can also have stuff required to build a nether portal, such as obsidian or flint and steel. They can be generated in any type of underground and even underwater biome.

Players can explore the world in their free time and check every chest they find in naturally generated structures to see if they get enchanted golden apples. Though these structures only have a 1.5% chance of generating enchanted golden apples, they are much more common and easy to spot in the game than other structures.

If players have a mount for traveling or elytra to fly, their adventures will be fairly easy and fast, and they could also quickly go hunting for ruined portals scattered around the Overworld.

2. Loot Ancient Cities

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Exploring an ancient city is the best chance to find an enchanted golden apple in Minecraft. This is because the chances of an enchanted golden apple being found here are the highest among all Minecraft structures.

However, you should note that this is not a 100% completely guaranteed drop and that the chances of a chest generating an enchanted golden apple in an ancient city are meager. The ancient city chests have the highest percentage stats at 8.4%.

One of the easiest ways to find enchanted golden apples is to loot these ancient cities. However, coming to explore this location can be quite hard and dangerous since it’s filled with sculk sensors and shriekers. With a dangerous and dark-themed place in the Deep Dark biome, players couldn’t dare to explore it unprepared.

However, this structure houses some of the best loot items in the game. Wardens can also spawn here since this structure is in the Deep Dark biome. The terrifying beast is considered the strongest mob in the game, and the risks players must take to loot here are high.

Fortunately, the quality of loot in Ancient Cities more than rewards players for their efforts. The players must always be ready and aware to carry loads of wool blocks or carpets to place and walk on to open all chests quickly.

3. Search These Locations

Aside from ruined portals and ancient cities, there are other naturally-generated structures in the game that you can try scavenging for enchanted golden apples.

Overworld Locations:

  • Dungeon loot chest – 3.1%
  • Mineshaft loot chest – 1.4%
  • Desert pyramid loot chest – 2.6%
  • Woodland mansion loot chest – 3.1%

Nether Locations:

  • Bastion remnant treasure chest – 6.5%

4. Use Commands

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Enchanted Golden Apples, unfortunately, are not craftable. The only way to get them is by finding them in a world-generated chest, console commands, or through your creative inventory.

Obtaining an enchanted golden apple becomes extremely easy once we remove the question of which mode players are in or if they are using cheats in their world. Within seconds, they can possess hundreds of them with the help of commands.

They need to type ‘/give {PlayerName} minecraft:enchanted_golden_apple’ in the text chat while their world has cheats on to get the food item directly. This method is only mentioned since it is technically the easiest way to obtain it in the game and makes you similar to a god-like player.

The unfortunate thing about this is that even if you search through these locations, there is still no guarantee that you will find the item due to how rare these are. Thankfully, they can be acquired through the creative mode search menu, allowing you to “cheat the game” if you switch between creative and survival mode.

There’s no disputing the usefulness and vast utility that an enchanted apple can grant in the right situation. If you’re surrounded and raided by mobs, this is undoubtedly one of the best food items you can have in-game.

It will also be one of the most difficult items to acquire if you play by the rules. Remember that you must undoubtedly invest much time acquiring such a rare item.

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