One Piece Odyssey Shows Off Each Straw Hat Pirate’s Special Ability


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Hogwarts Legacy may be dominating the gaming conversation now, but there has also been a lot of great things said about the recently released One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey Shows Off Each Straw Hat Pirate’s Special Ability

Just in, we have a new video showcasing the exploration options of the game, and we get to see just how each member of the Straw Hat Crew has an ability which allows them different ways to traverse a map and collect special items. Check this out:

s you can see, Luffy has the ability to use his powers to zip to hard-to-reach areas, with Zoro being able to cut down steel doors. Exploring with Sanji allows players to gather different items off the ground, and Usopp can shoot down special items from far away targets. Chopper also has the ability to go into small spaces.

So far, reviews have been great for Odyssey. Not only do we get a new story for the Straw Hats, but we also get to revisit all the most popular arcs from the series thanks to the realm of Memoria. Though it’s said that the game is made for longtime fans in mind, there should be something to love for people new to One Piece as a franchise.

Here’s the official description:

Alabasta, Water Seven, Marineford, Dressrosa – The Straw Hat Crew’s adventure on Waford will take them on a journey through their memories of these four unforgettable ONE PIECE Arcs.

  • Help Vivi save the country of Alabasta from a civil war orchestrated by Crocodile and Baroque Works
  • Explore a beautiful metropolitan city and fight to rescue your crewmates from CP9 in Water Seven
  • Join the Paramount War and attempt to stop Ace’s execution at the hands of the Marines at their stronghold, Marineford
  • Team up with Rebecca, Sabo, and Trafalgar Law to save the city of Dressrosa from destruction at the hands of Doflamingo

One Piece Odyssey is now available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4|5.

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