How to Get Sulphite in Path of Exile


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Voltaxic Sulphite, commonly referred to as Sulphite is one of the resources you need for efficient delving in Path of Exile. It’s used to travel to undiscovered checkpoints around the Axorite Mine. Luckily, the Axorite Mine is a consistent source of Sulphite, allowing for further travels into deeper areas.

How to Get Sulphite in Path of Exile

If you’re ready to travel to the Axorite Mine, you’re in the right place. This article will advise you on getting more Sulphite and best practices for maximizing its usage.

Getting Sulphite

There is only one way to get more Sulphite in the game. You have to find some Sulphite deposits in dungeon instances. Each instance has a small chance of deposits appearing. The amounts are based on the area’s level and any quantity bonuses that apply to it, like Atlas Region perks.

Therefore, looking for the Atlas Region is usually a good idea if you need to refill your Sulphite supplies. However, Sulphite isn’t a significant bottleneck at later stages due to rapidly increasing deposit sizes and storage capacity to accommodate them.

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Once you locate a Sulphite area, Niko will immediately appear and mine them, depositing the Sulphite in your inventory.

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You can also find Niko once every day in a random map area marked with a gear. If you have that area unlocked, reaching it will give you some guaranteed Sulphite deposits from that instance.

Increasing Sulphite Gains

Besides the passive increases from overall area level and quantity bonuses, you can also get Sulphite Scarabs to increase the resource you get from each deposit. Scarabs are map fragments that can be purchased or looted once you have Cameria in the Intervention branch.


The Winged Sulphite Scarab (the highest rank) increases your Sulphite gain by 100% from a deposit, which can easily fill your reserves. Lower ranks grant 20, 40, and 60% boosts, respectively. While the highest-rank Scarab is most beneficial, you can use a low-rank one to get through the lower levels more quickly if you have the needed resources.


Increasing Sulphite Storage

You don’t have many Sulphites available at the start of the game, and you can’t store much of it either. Increasing the Sulphite storage is heavily recommended to allow for deeper delving.

Getting at least ten storage increases is relatively quick. Your Storage should grow large enough to accommodate a few deposits and enable you to travel between several map areas.

Over time, the deposit amount increases so much that you can stay between deposits for extended periods in the Mine. This, in turn, increases your overall delving effectiveness and provides more bonuses later in the game.


How Much Sulphite Do You Need to Delve?

The Sulphite cost of traveling between map sections depends on how far apart those sections are and how deep you’ve traveled into the Mine. This cost has an upper limit of 1,100 Sulphite per segment traveled.


Sulphite to Go in Path of Exile

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a significant amount of Sulphite. However, you’ll be heavily limited by your current storage capacity, so consider upgrading it before other options to increase how long you can delve without turning back.

Do you have a favorite method of farming Sulphite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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