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Pokemon Sword and Shield has a lot of easter eggs in store for players like the ghost girl of Hammerlocke and striking a pose like Leon by spinning your controller’s analog stick. In this guide, however, we will talk about the birthday greeting easter egg and how you can celebrate your birthday in the world of Pokemon!

How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Pokemon Sword/Shield

Set Your Birthday!

This easter egg started on the Nintendo DS Pokemon games because of the Nintendo DS’ birthday function. The player’s birthday is celebrated even in previous Pokemon games. However, for Pokemon Sword and Shield, the player would have to set their birthday in the game as the Nintendo Switch lacks this function.

To set your birthday in either Pokemon Sword or Shield, this is what you must do: first, you must go to Wedgehurst. Then, go to the Pokemon Center. Outside the Pokemon Center, a woman is standing on the right side. Talk to her, and she will tell you your “fortune” by telling her the month and date you were born. After talking to her, she will disappear. This is the game’s way of asking and setting the player’s birthday. It is important to note you can only set your birthday once, so watch out for any mistake.

Once you have set your birthday, all you have to do now is wait for your actual birthday (or whatever date you put on there)!

Here is what will happen if you play Pokemon Sword or Shield on your birthday:

Birthday Surprise!

On your birthday (first of all, happy birthday!), go inside a Pokemon Center. Upon entering, you will notice that the lights will be dimmed for a while. Then, a party popper will go off, and Pikachu and assorted confetti will fall from the ceiling in honor of your birthday! Not only this, but the music will also change from the usual Pokemon Center music to the “Follow Me” music used in the tutorials from the start of the game. Then, the Pokémon Center Nurse will wish you a happy birthday, and a Poke Ball cake will appear on the screen behind her. On subsequent visits to Pokemon Centers on your birthday, the Pokemon Center Nurse will still greet the player, and the Poke Ball cake will still appear on the screen behind her.

Birthday Curry!

You can also celebrate your birthday along with your Pokemon party of choice in the Pokemon Camp! Set up your Pokemon Camp on your birthday, then cook some Curry. After cooking Curry, the finished Curry will have a birthday candle in it so you can celebrate your birthday with your beloved Pokemon!

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are in Japan and you happen to visit a Pokemon Center Store with your Pokemon game. In that case, you can download a gift Pokemon with a special Birthday Ribbon which is exclusive for Pokemon received as birthday presents from Pokémon Center stores. The Pokemon received will also have the event-exclusive move Celebrate, which is a move that congratulates the player when used in battle.

Unfortunately, these are all the extra things you can do on your birthday in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It would have been awesome if unique gifts were given to players (unless, of course, if you are in Japan). This easter egg is still a sweet surprise to players and gives them a better immersive experience. After doing all the birthday features in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it would be better to spend this extra time spend your birthday with the people you love or do the things you love!

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