How to Get More Advisors in Pathfinder: Kingmaker


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In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, advisors are indispensable when you need to govern your realm and make progress. While the game starts out slow, obtaining your first barony allows you to appoint five advisors, one for each kingdom stat. The remaining five kingdom stats need to be unlocked as you play through the game.

How to Get More Advisors in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

If you’re unsure when you get access to more than the five advisors, don’t worry. We’re here to help out and answer any questions.

Getting More Advisors in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

When you first unlock the advisor positions, you’re limited to only five advisors. Each of the five advisors you appoint can also perform one additional job at the start. However, as time goes on and your kingdom stats rank up, they’ll request that you select more advisors.

The five remaining advisor positions are unlocked when you level up four of the original five stats:

  • The Relations advisor (Grand Diplomat) is unlocked with Community at 60
    1 68
  • The Stability advisor (Warden) is unlocked with Military 60
    2 32
  • The Arcane advisor (Magister) is unlocked with Divine 60
    3 22
  • The Culture advisor (Curator) is unlocked with Loyalty 60
    4 25
  • The Espionage advisor (Minister) is unlocked with Relations 60 (which requires Community 60 as a result)
    5 17

These requirements typically mean that your original stats have to reach rank IV. However, you don’t have to take the rank-up for the stat. All you have to do is make it to 60 points in that stat, and the next advisor position becomes available, as well as the ability to rank the corresponding statistic.

What Advisors Are Available in Pathfinder: Kingmaker?

Each advisor position has at least three possible options. However, you don’t get the entire list of choices right away, as some characters only become available later in the game.

Between the possible choices, three things make the character effective at being an advisor:

  • Related stat
  • Whether they are a companion or mercenary
  • Their starting value modifier, which changes from one person to the next

However, you can also improve the value of the advisor’s stats by equipping them with stat-boosting items and improving their level over time. If you don’t want to use companions in combat, their advisor duties will leave them stagnating in stats, making items necessary to get better improvement values.

Each role has an associated stat, and improving that stat gives your advisors a natural improvement in how well they can handle day-to-day affairs. The stat alignments are:

  • Strength: General
    6 20
  • Dexterity: Minister
    7 15
  • Constitution: Warden
    8 10
  • Intelligence: Treasurer and Magister
    9 12
  • Wisdom: Councillor and High Priest
    10 3
  • Charisma: Regent, Grand Diplomat, and Curator
    11 2

Can You Lose Advisors?

Each advisor has a slightly different alignment than the others for a role. Your decisions regarding their positions and responsibilities can shift their opinion of you. If you consistently behave opposite their alignment, the advisor will leave their post and never return. Consequently, you’ll have to get another advisor for the same position.

Get More Advice in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Advisors serve a special role in managing your small realm as you expand and progress through the game. Keep your kingdom stats high, and you can quickly unlock the other advisor positions and get more options coming your way.

How do you manage your realm in Pathfinder: Kingmaker? Let us know in the comments below.

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