Pedro Pascal Couldn’t Finish The Last of Us Game



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Pedro Pascal is set to play the part of Joel Miller in HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us, but while he can slay mushroom zombies onscreen, he apparently can’t do it with a controller.

Pedro Pascal Couldn't Finish The Last of Us Game

IN an interview with GQ, Pascal admits that he had to let his nephew play The Last of Us for him when he gave up on it after a few minutes. Pascal explains, “It’s so sad, I haven’t any skill… I tried, you know. And then it was only a matter of minutes before I had to hand it over to my nephew. It really takes a specific kind of skill, and I don’t have it.”

Even if Pascal doesn’t have the skill for it, that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to do a great job in the role. If Star Wars has taught us anything, you don’t have to love the IP to pull off a great performance; just ask Harrison Ford or Bill Burr.

If anything, Pascal dropped immersing himself in the game altogether. “I found Joel so impressive, I found the whole of it such a visually impressive experience… And then I got worried that I would want to imitate too much, which I think could be right in some circumstances, and then a mistake in others,” Pascal said.

Though fans want adaptations to stick to the source material, sometimes it’s ultimately better for the project overall to try and bring something new to the table. We know that the series will be taking some liberties when it comes to the story, so it would make sense that Pascal brought us a completely different kind of Joel onscreen.

No release date has been set for HBO’s The Last of Us, but the game is now available for PlayStation.

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