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Among Us is a hidden traitor type of game that’s been out for a while but has recently seen a rise in popularity due to YouTube and Twitch streamers. It’s a great game to play if you find a good group to join, or convince your friends to get themselves a copy. Below, we’ll give you the details of how to play Among Us with Friends, regardless of the platform that you are playing it on.

How to Play Among Us with Friends

How to Play Among Us in Local Multiplayer

Among Us can be played locally with people that are on the same Wi-Fi network. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. On the home screen, click or tap on Local.
  2. If you wish to host the game, click or tap on Create Game. Your game name should appear on the Available Games box for people in your local network.
  3. If you wish to play an already created game, find the name of your desired host in the Available Games box and click or tap on it.
  4. If there’s still room for players, you’ll be able to start playing immediately.

How to Play Among Us Online

If, instead of local play, you want to connect to Among Us games online, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. From the starting screen, click or tap on Online.
  2. Clicking or tapping on the small globe icon on the lower right side of the screen lets you choose which server to use. The choices are North America, Asia, and Europe.
  3. If you wish to host an online game, click or tap on Create Game under Host.
  4. Once you start game creation, you’ll be given the options to determine the map used, the number of impostors, and the number of players, and chat language.
  5. Once done, click or tap on Confirm.
  6. Click or tap on Private, just beside the room code, to open your game to the public.
  7. If you wish to enter a random public game, click or tap on Find Game under Public.
  8. You can set your desired requirements for what type of game you wish to play. You have map types, impostor numbers, and chat language.
  9. Select a game from the list shown. Clicking or tapping on the refresh icon to the right repopulates the list.
  10. If you wish to connect to a game that you know the code of, click or tap on Enter Code under Private. Type in the code then click or tap on OK.
  11. If there is still space in the game for another player, the game should start shortly.
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How to Play Among Us Public with Friends

Among Us gives you the ability to play games with your friends, even if they’re not on the same Wi-Fi network as you. All you need is a room code to start playing online with friends. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Once in game, click or tap on Online.
  2. If you wish to be the host, tap or click on Create Game under Host. The instructions are the same as those given above. Remember the room code and share this with your friends.
  3. If you’re not the host, ask for the room code. Tap or click on Enter Code beneath Private then type in the code.
  4. Once all the players are in the room, the host should tap or click on Start Game.

How to Play with Friends and Randoms in Among Us

Among Us also allows you and your friends to let random people play with you on your games. Follow the steps as given above on Play with Friends. This time, once all your friends have logged in, click or tap on the Private button next to the room code. This will open the room up to random players. Once the room is full, click or tap on Start Game.

How to Play Among Us with Friends on PC

On a PC, there are two sales platforms that Among Us is available on, Steam and If you have the non-Steam version of the game, you can pretty much launch it from the desktop, or from your shortcut menu, without much fuss. You can play the game with friends by following the instructions given above.

How to Play Among Us with Friends on Steam

There is virtually no difference between the and Steam versions of the game. The instructions on how to play are also pretty much the same. Refer to the instructions above to start playing with your friends.

How to Play Among Us with Friends on Android

The only real difference with the PC version and the mobile version of Among Us is that the mobile version is free. Proceed to the Google Play Store to download the app, then open the game. The instructions to play with friends are the same for all platforms and are already detailed above.

How to Play Among Us with Friends on iPhone

Among Us is also available on the Apple App Store. Download the game for free, and refer to the instructions given above to play with friends.

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Does Among Us Have Crossplay?

Because Among Us isn’t a graphically intensive game, the developers integrated Crossplay between all available platforms with little loss in performance. Although a lot of people prefer to play the game with a keyboard and mouse, the mobile controls are also quite serviceable. The mobile version also has the advantage of being free.

How to Play Among Us with Friends on Voice Chat

There is no built-in voice chat on Among Us. The game features a text-based chat feature. You’ll need to set up a third-party app if you wish to add voice chat in the game.

How to Play Among Us with Friends on Discord

If you use Discord, Among Us allows the Discord Overlay to function normally when playing the game. Just use it as you would on any other game. There is no auto mute function though, so it’s common courtesy to mute yourself if you get killed in-game

Additional FAQ

Can You Play with Friends on Among Us?

Yes. As long as you give them the room code. How long you’ll stay friends after you stab them in the back still remains in question!

How Do You Play Among Us?

If you’re a crewmember, perform tasks to complete objectives. When you complete all of them, you will win. If you’re the impostor, kill crewmembers or sabotage the operation to win.

How Do You Play Among Us with Friends Online?

Just connect to the internet, and follow the instructions as given above.

Why Can’t I Join My Friends Among Us Game?

If you can’t join a room, then it may already be full, or you’ve been kicked out by the room’s host.

How to Invite Friends on Among Us

Give people the room code. Anyone with a code can enter the game that you make.

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A Popular Party Game

Among Us continues to be popular as a party game among friends. As the mobile version is free, there’s really no reason not to try this fast-paced, and rather exciting game.

Do you have other tips on how to play Among Us with friends? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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