PlayStation 5 may get a new design, but not the one you want


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The PlayStation 5 is big. It’s bulky. It makes the PS4 look like a small condo sitting next to a large apartment building. The PS5’s size is a sore spot not just for fans of the console space, but for those who actually own the machine. In that context, news of a PS5 redesign might get some people excited. Finally, a PS5 that’ll actually fit in my entertainment center! they might say. This isn’t that at all, so save the confetti for another occasion.

PlayStation 5 may get a new design, but not the one you want

According to Taiwan’s Digital Times (via VG247), Sony is indeed eyeing up a potential new version of the PlayStation 5. But instead of fixing up the amount of space the system takes up — the part most people don’t like — the company is instead refreshing the internals. You know, the parts most people won’t ever see. The new design will reportedly include a 6nm CPU instead of the 5nm CPU the PlayStation 5 uses currently. So, a smaller chip.

When you get down to it, it’s like entering an Airbus A380, removing someone who is 6 feet tall, and replacing that person with someone who is 5-foot-8. Congratulations — you now have a smaller person on the plane, but that plane is still a massive Airbus A380.

Production on this PS5 refresh could start sometime in the second or third quarter of 2022. Though, let’s be honest: if Sony somehow slipped this new chip into a new PlayStation tomorrow, we probably wouldn’t notice.

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