PlayStation Plans to Acquire More Studios in the Future



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There have been a lot of major game studio acquisitions this year, and PlayStation had made headlines when they acquired the studio that originally developed Halo, Bungie. Despite the recent big buy from the studio, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan confirms that they’re not done with expansion yet.

PlayStation Plans to Acquire More Studios in the Future

Talking to the PlayStation Podcast (via VGC), Ryan explains:

“We’re growing our studios organically and we’re growing through acquisition. We acquired five studios during the course of 2021, we’re in discussions with Bungie and we have more planned. This is getting us into a virtuous cycle where success begets success.”

Besides Bungie, PlayStation was also able to acquire Bluepoint Games (Demon Souls), Housemarque (Returnal), Firesprite, and Nixxes Software. There is also word going around that PlayStation is currently developing an upgrade for PlayStation Plus that will be comparable to Xbox’s Game Pass, allowing players access to hundreds of game titles.

“We’re in a really good place with PlayStation Studios and have been for the past few years. The critical success and the commercial success of the games that they’ve been making… that has given us permission to invest heavily in content creation.”

We don’t have a good handle on the future of PlayStation just now, but we do know that they have dominated the previous generation when it came to the Console Wars. While Xbox does boast an impressive library and backwards compatibility, PlayStation is still dominating when it comes to exclusives. We don’t know how long that victory is going to last in the long run though.

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