VALORANT: Best Smoke Spots on Breeze


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Smokes make Attacking or Defending a, erm, Breeze.

VALORANT: Best Smoke Spots on Breeze

Breeze is probably the largest map in terms of overall floor area in VALORANT. Because of the long sightlines around the map, Attacking and Defending Breeze’s bomb sites often require long-range weapons such as the Vandal and Operator.

In VALORANT, smokes are often used to block off enemy angles and entry points. However, because of how large the bombsites are on Breeze, Attackers will have to utilize smoke in a slightly different way to get the most value out of them. On the other hand, Defenders won’t have to worry much about smoking around Breeze since simply blocking off entryways towards the bombsite is enough to slow down or stop an Attacker push.

With that out of the way, here is a compilation of the best Smoke spots on Breeze for both the Attacking and Defending sides.

Controller Agents with traditional spherical smokes such as Omen, Astra, and Brimstone should have no problems smoking off the majority of the spots featured in this article.

Best Smoke Spots on Breeze



When, Where, Why, and How to Smoke in VALORANT

Smokes are very easy to place and use in VALORANT, so players rarely think about where, when, and why they set their smoke utility in the first place.

When you should use your smoke utility is purely situational – depending on how the rest of the round goes, you might be forced to place a smoke somewhere unorthodox to serve a particular purpose.

The questions Where and Why you place your smokes at the beginning of the round are often predetermined, and where you place your smokes only depends on which bombsite on which map your team chooses to attack or defend. 

For the Attacking side, Why you place your smoke is to reduce the enemy’s vision. On the other hand, the Defending side will smoke off lanes and angles to slow the game’s pace down. 

Then there is the question of How to place smoke utilities covered in the article How to Use Smokes Effectively in VALORANT. You should give it a good read to give yourself the best idea of putting smokes correctly in VALORANT. 

Never take smokes for granted in VALORANT. In a game where many angles are present in every bombsite, your team will need as much help as they can get through using your team’s smoke utility.

Best Smoke Spots on Breeze A-site Attacking

Breeze’s A-site is the larger of the two bomb sites present on the map.

image 16

A-site’s most identifiable feature is the large Twin Pyramids in the Middle of the bombsite itself. The Twin Pyramids provide decent cover options for the Defending team and somewhat splits the entire A-site into two halves.

Smoking off Defender rotation lanes upon site entry might not be a great option on Breeze because of how long it will take for the Attackers to cover enough ground to clear out these spots. The Defending team can easily use this fact to push out of these smokes (rendering them useless) and reposition to more advantageous positions onsite.

With that in mind, blocking off Defender sightlines through your smokes is going to be the more effective tactic here, as you can effectively split up the entire bomb site through a few smoke covers around the Twin Pyramids. Your team can focus on planting and playing post-plant from within A-Cave after the smokes fade away.

Best Smoke Spots on Breeze Middle Attacking

Back in the best Smokes spots on Ascent guide, how Middle control works was briefly outlined in VALORANT maps that feature a Middle lane. 

image 17

Middle control gives the Attacking team a ton more options in terms of entry points into either A-site or B-site. Most of the time, Middle control progresses into a double-entry situation to either bombsite that the Attacking team can use to overwhelm the Defenders within the chosen bomb site.

For Breeze’s Middle lane, the Attacking team only really has to worry about three spots – Mid Nest, B-Tunnel, and Mid Wood Doors. Depending on which site your team decides to attack, smoking off some of these spots should be enough to give your team safe entry into your chosen bombsite.

If your team chooses to attack Breeze’s A-site, then you’re going to want to smoke off Mid Nest and B-Tunnel to help your team cross Middle safely. 

image 18

If your team opts to attack Breeze’s B-site instead, then smoke off Middle Window and Mid Wood Doors so your team can make your way towards B-Tunnel without much resistance.

image 19

Best Smoke Spots on Breeze B-site Attacking

Breeze was one of three maps that received a minor change to its bombsite elements at the beginning of Episode Four.

image 20

The most notable changes for Breeze’s B-site were the addition of a solid brick box along the B-site Pillar, the addition of a Double Box cover along the Half-wall, and the extension of the Backwall.

If your team opts to enter B-site solely from B-Main, smoke off the B-Tunnel and Defender Side Arches to block off the Defenders’ rotational lanes towards B-site. Clear out the rest of the bombsite manually with your teammates. 

image 21

Don’t worry about not being able to completely cover the left part of Defender Side Arches since the Defending team can’t gather significant information from this position anyway.

Best Smoke Spots on Breeze A-site Defending

A-site on Breeze is pretty simple and straightforward to smoke off when playing Defense.

image 22

Since A-Main and Mid Wood Doors are the only two lanes that the Attackers can use to enter A-site directly, then simply smoking off A-Main and Mid Wood Doors should be enough to slow down or deter an Attacker push into A-site.

image 23

Of course, be extra careful in case the Attacking team decides to blow through your smokes and overwhelm you with numbers on A-site.

Best Smoke Spots on Breeze Middle Defending

The Attacking team will want to seize control of Middle to gain access to extra lanes towards either A-site or B-site.

You’re going to have to communicate a lot with your teammates if you’re keen on smoking off from Middle since there are two sets of Middle smokes that depend on which site your team thinks the enemy is going to attack.

If your teammates call out footsteps at A-Cave, then 70% of the time the Attacking team is going to make their way towards A-site from both A-Cave and Mid Wood Doors – smoke off Mid Wood Doors.

image 24

On the other hand, if your teammates call out footsteps at the B-Main area, then there’s a good chance that the enemy team is going to attack B-site from both B-Main and B-Tunnel – smoke off B-Elbow.

image 25

Best Smoke Spots on Breeze B-site Defending

B-Main is the only direct lane towards B-site.

image 26

If you’re playing in B-site, a single smoke along the B-site Entrance should be enough to deter or slow down an Attacking team’s rush into B-site. However, sometimes the enemy team might try to take both the Middle and B-Main lanes to enter B-site. In that case, you’re going to want to smoke off both B-Main and B-Tunnel.

image 27

Once again, communication is going to be crucial if you want to be able to smoke the correct spots around the map consistently. Talk to your teammate holding Middle to get a good idea of where the enemy team might attempt to enter the B-site from.

Smoking is a Breeze

Breeze’s A-site is currently one of the largest, if not the largest, bombsite in VALORANT. Because of the sheer amount of space around the A-site, traditional smoke placements around the bombsite might not be as effective as they would be on other maps. 

When Attacking, splitting up the entire bombsite through smoke cover around the Twin Pyramids should help you secure a bomb plant and should help your team set up for post-plant play from A-Cave. On the other hand, A-Cave and Mid Wood Door smokes are the Best Smoke Spots on Breeze A-site Defending and should be enough to slow down or stop an Attacker rush into A-site.

Fortunately, B-site isn’t as complicated as A-site when Attacking, where two smoke spots are enough to give your team a relatively safe entry into B-site (Defender Side Arches and B-Tunnel). The same can be said when Defending B-site, where B-Main and B-Tunnel are the only spots that you should worry about when Defending from B-site.

So, there you have it! You might want to check out the best Smoke spots on Ascent so that you can level up your smoking game on the classic VALORANT map.

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