Pokemon Go Pokemon Locations [Spawn Zones] – Where to Find Them



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Pokemon Go Pokemon Locations [Spawn Zones] - Where to Find Them

Having played a lot of Pokemon Go since launch, I have had trouble finding water type Pokemon like Dratini, Lapras and Tentacruel. However, if you follow the guidelines below, you should be able to find your favorite type, be it fire, electric, dragon, bug or flying etc. Also, there are different spawn zones that pokemon will appear.

BullockCommon419American Dad
SteveCommon416CheerAmerican Dad
KlausRare619SturdyAmerican Dad
HayleyRare717Heal, CrazedAmerican Dad
FrancineEpic631Shield All, HealAmerican Dad
StanEpic819Boost, Punch JabAmerican Dad
RogerLegendary827Payback, Jab, Cripple AllAmerican Dad
LindaCommon415CheerBob's Burgers
MortCommon512Cripple, GasBob's Burgers
GeneRare422Cripple, PunchBob's Burgers
TeddyRare715Jab, CrazedBob's Burgers
BobEpic924Heal, CrazedBob's Burgers
LouiseEpic526Punch, Leech, CrazedBob's Burgers
TinaLegendaryBob's Burgers
ChrisCommon416SturdyFamily Guy
LoisCommon711Payback, HealFamily Guy
MegRare33Payback, SturdyFamily Guy
QuagmireRare715Gas, JabFamily Guy
BrianEpicRecover, Cheer AllFamily Guy
StewieEpicFamily Guy
PeterLegendarySturdy, Cheer All, BombFamily Guy
Dr. ZoidbergCommon315Heal, LeechFuturama
HermesRare618Payback, BoostFuturama
Professor FarnsworthRare520PunchFuturama
BenderLegendary925Sturdy, Payback, LeechFuturama
DaleCommon414Punch, JabKing of the Hill
HankCommon610Payback, Jab, ShieldKing of the Hill
BillRare817CrazedKing of the Hill
LuanneRare822King of the Hill
BoomhauerEpicKing of the Hill
PeggyEpicKing of the Hill
BobbyLegendary629Payback, Punch, CrazedKing of the Hill

Also, here is a really good pokemon location database search:

  • PokeCrew – Let’s you search where pokemon are in the United States

Thanks to EuroGamer, here is a chart below that you can reference to find your type of Pokemon.

Bug TypeCountryside, farms, fields, forests, large parks and playgroundsCaterpie, Weedle
Dragon TypeFamous places and landmarks in cities and in the country (for example, locks)Dratini
Electric TypeIndustrial parks, power plants, power plantsPikachu, Voltorb
Fairy TypeCemeteries, churches, landmarks and monumentsClefairy
Fighting TypeStadiums, arenas and large gymsMankey, Machop
Fire TypeResidentialCharmander, Vulpix, Growlithe
Flying TypeCountryside, farms, fields, forests, large parks and playgroundsPidgey, Spearow
Ghost TypeCemeteriesGastly, Haunter
Grass TypeArable land, farms, forests, gardens, any kind of grass or green space, playgrounds, green residential areasBulbasaur, Exeggcute, Tangela
Ground TypeRailways and airports (never go onto them, obviously – play safely from a building!), ppen land and arable land, ditches, streams, not concreted parkingSandshrew, Diglett
Ice TypeGrass, glacier or skiDewgong, Lapras
Normal TypeEverywhere!Rattata, Meowth
Poison TypeMoors, bogsBellsprout, Grimer
Rock TypeQuarries, parking and highways, large commercial installationsGeodude, Onix
Steel TypeBuildings, railways (never go onto them, obviously – play safely from a building!)Magnemite
Water TypeAny body of water, including rivers, lakes, oceans, coasts, harbors, canalsPsyduck, Poliwag, Magikarp

Legendary Pokemon

There are some rumors out there to find these rare and mythic pokemons. According to PokemonGoGlobal, we can speculate the locations of them:

Mewtwo – Times Square New York

Mew Two

Mew – Banteay Srei Cambodia


Articuno – Vatnajokull Glacier Iceland


Zapdos – Any Electrical Powerplant

Moltres – Mt. Carmel


Legendary Beasts – Toji Temple Kyoto Japan

Legendary Beasts

Ho-Oh – Toji Temple Japan


Lugia – Tristan Da Curna


Celebi – Kyoto Japan Bamboo Forest


Rayquaza – Burj Khalifa Dubai


Groudon – Any Volcano


Kyogre – 10,000 feet below sea level


Arceus – Vatican City


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