Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Whiscash Guide


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One of the objectives in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is to make one of the franchise’s most iconic lines, “Gotta catch ’em all,” a reality. The player joins the Survey Corps, tasked with learning and studying the Pokemon in the Hisui region, modern-day Sinnoh.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Whiscash Guide

In addition, the legendary Arceus will assign the player to meet every Pokemon in the region. As a result of all of this, the player must be knowledgeable about every single Pokemon in the game.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Whiscash!


The 98th Pokemon in the Hisuian Pokedex, Whishcash, is a Water and Ground-type Whiskers Pokemon that has a dark blue body that resembles a catfish, a yellow-colored underbelly, a pair of eyes with small black pupils, a large mouth with light blue lips, a pair of light blue whiskers on its lower lips, a pair of thin yellow barbels on its cheeks, a yellow marking on its forehead that is shaped like a letter W, a light blue dorsal fin with three black spots, a light blue horizontal tail fin, two dark blue belly fins, and two dark blue pectoral fins.

Whiscash, according to its Pokedex entry in the game, hits its caudal fins against the swamp bed to shake the ground and startle its prey, which the Whiscash then swallows whole. People believed that the Whiscash’s behavior was the cause of earthquakes.

Basic Information

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Whiscash is a Water and Ground-type Pokemon with a weakness (super effective) to Grass-type moves, resistance (not very effective) to Fire-type, Poison-type, Rock-type, and Steel-type moves, and immunity (no effect) to Electric-type moves.

Whiscash’s base stats are 110 HP, 78 Attack, 73 Defense, 76 Special Attack, 71 Special Defense, and 60 Speed, for a total of 468.

Whiscash can be evolved from a Barboach once it reaches Level 30.

Hearty Grains and Plump Beans are Whiscash’s preferred foods. Whiscash can be fed or distracted with these foods, as well as berries, enabling it to be caught or battled without it noticing the player.

When a Whiscash is caught or defeated in the wild, it will drop a Spoiled Apricorn and a Sitrus Berry, which the player will obtain.


The player can go to these areas to find a Whiscash:

In the Crimson Mirelands: in the river in Gapejaw Bog and the waters of Lake Valor.

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In the Coronet Highlands: in the waters inside Wayward Cave.

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It is important to mention that the Whiscash that the player can find in the waters of Lake Valor in the Crimson Mirelands is an Alpha Pokemon. The Alpha Whiscash that can be found here is a Level 64 Pokemon.

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Whiscash can be found in the locations mentioned at all times of the day and in every weather condition.

Research Tasks

The following are the Research Tasks in Whiscash’s Pokedex entry:

MultiplierResearch TaskObjectives
x2Number caught1/2/4/10/15
Number of heavy specimens you have caught1/2/5/7/10
Number defeated1/2/4/10/15
x2Number you have defeated with Grass-type moves1/2/5/10/20
Times you have seen it use Mud Bomb1/3/6/12/25
x2Times you have seen it use Aqua Tail1/3/8/20/40
Times you have seen it use a strong style move1/3/6/12/25

Completing a Research Task objective raises a Pokemon’s Pokedex entry’s Research Level by one, except when the Research Task objective has an x2 multiplier, resulting in two Research Levels for fulfilling one objective. A Pokemon’s Pokedex entry has to achieve Research Level 10 to be considered complete. Completing Pokedex entries and completing Research Task objectives will give the player Research Points, which, if enough, will raise the player’s Star Rank in the Galaxy Team.

To quickly complete Whiscash’s Pokedex entry, the player can catch two Whiscash, then defeat two more using Grass-type moves. Doing all these will tick the first and second objectives of the “Number caught” Research Task to gain four Research Levels because of its x2 multiplier, tick the first and second objective of the “Number defeated” Research Task to raise two Research Levels, and tick the first and second objective of the “Number you have defeated with Grass type moves” Research Levels to gain four more Research Levels thanks to its x2 multiplier to reach Research Level 10.

Whiscash’s Moves

Whiscash can be leveled up or taken to the Training Grounds to learn new moves.

Leveling Up

Whiscash can learn and master the following moves as its level increases:

MoveTypeLearn LevelMaster LevelPowerAccuracyPP
Water PulseWater-type6156020
Mud BombGround-type1120658515
Zen HeadbuttPsychic-type2535809010
Aqua TailWater-type3445859010
Earth PowerGround-type43548010010

Training Grounds

Whiscash can learn these moves by going to the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village’s northeastern corner and speaking with Captain Zisu:

Rock SmashFighting-type4010020
Aerial AceFlying-type6020
Water PulseWater-type6020
Icy WindIce-type609520
Rock SlideRock-type759010
Zen HeadbuttPsychic-type809010
Earth PowerGround-type8010010
Ice BeamIce-type8010010
Aqua TailWater-type859010
Stone EdgeRock-type100805
Giga ImpactNormal-type120905
Hyper BeamNormal-type120905

This guide lets you know where to find Whiscash, how to complete its Pokedex entry, and what moves it can use in battle. Whiscash can be an excellent addition to the player’s party, assisting with missions, requests, and even the legendary Arceus’ task for the player to catch ’em all!

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