Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Cascarrafa Gym (Water type) Guide


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an open-world game where the player is a transferee in a huge school in the Paldea Region. In the game, the player and the player only gets to decide whatever they want to do: whether to track down Titan Pokemon, defeat all the Pokemon Gyms, become the champion, and become the very best like no one ever was, to defeat the nefarious Team Star, or simply just complete the Pokedex and catch them all!

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Cascarrafa Gym (Water type) Guide

Here, we will talk about defeating Pokemon Gyms, which are part of the ‘Victory Road’ quest line, and in this guide, we will talk about defeating the Water-type Pokemon Gym in Cascarrafa City!

Cascarrafa Gym

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The Cascarrafa Gym can be found in the southeastern part of, well, Cascarrafa City, which can be found directly west of the Great Crater of Paldea and can be reached by following the main path of the west of Cortondo through West Province (Area One) (or can be found southwest of Medali or east of Asado Desert).

Before the player can head and reach Cascarrafa, the Segin Squad, Team Star’s Dark Crew, will be blocking the path that leads to Cascarrafa. So, the player must first defeat Team Star’s Dark Crew in the West Province (Area One) just along the path of the Pokemon Center in the northern part area. After defeating Giacomo and Team Star’s Dark Crew, the path to Cascarrafa will now be passable.

Gym Test

Before the player can start battling against the Gym Leader of a Pokemon Gym, there is a new mechanic in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet where the player must complete a Gym Test to prove that the player can take on the Gym Leader. Every Pokemon Gym has its Gym Test, and the Gym Test in the Cascarrafa Gym is to make the winning bid at an auction!

The Lost Wallet

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Before the player can start the Gym Test, the player must first do something for the Gym Leader. Head towards the Pokemon Gym in Cascarrafa, then a cutscene will play where a big guy wearing a large apron will run out of the Pokemon Gym while screaming that he is late.

Then, the Gym Receptionist will run out of the Pokemon Gym trying to catch the big guy’s attention but fails. The receptionist will then see the player and recognize that the player is a Gym Challenger. After confirming the prompt, the receptionist will explain that the big guy that just ran out is the Cascarrafa Gym Leader named Kofu, who has a bit of a childlike side, and he has run off to the market but forgot his wallet.

So, the receptionist will ask the player to bring Kofu’s wallet to him. Confirm on the prompt, and the receptionist will become very happy, give the player Kofu’s wallet, and say that this can be the player’s Gym Test which the player will pass by doing for her.

After that, the player now has to bring the wallet to Kofu in Porto Marinada, which is a town on the other side of the Asado Desert in the western part of Cascarrafa. On the way, the player will find lots of Pokemon to catch and Trainers to battle.

Upon arriving in Porto Marinada, head to the market in the center of the town, and there the player will find Kofu. Approach Kofu, and a cutscene will play where Kofu will realize that he does not have his wallet and can not buy today’s hot item without his wallet. Then, one of his apprentices will say that he will run and look for Kofu’s wallet. The player will try to approach Kofu but will be stopped by the apprentice, who says that Kofu is in the middle of important ingredient buying, and the apprentice will have to stop the player from interrupting Kofu. Confirm on the prompt that the player has something important to say to Kofu, and a battle against the apprentice will commence!

The apprentice will only use two Pokemon which are Floatzel and Clauncher. With that in mind, it is worth noting that Floatzel and Clauncher are both Water-type Pokemon which means that they both have a weakness to Electric-type and Grass-type moves (super effective) and resistance to Fire-type, Ice-type, Steel-type, and Water-type moves (not very effective).

After defeating the apprentice, Kofu will approach and ask what all the ruckus is about, to which the apprentice will answer that the player has something to say to Kofu. Select any of the responses on the prompt, and the player will return Kofu’s wallet to him. Kofu will then be surprised, thank the player for coming, and apologize to his apprentice. Kofu will explain that there is something in the Porto Marinada auction that he really wants to get his hands on, which is why he got worked up and forgot his wallet. The auctioneer will then shout that it is now time for today’s last item, which is the legendary wakame seaweed from the Hoenn region. Kofu will then marvel at the legendary seaweed and say that the player must get the winning bid on the seaweed to challenge him at the Cascarrafa Gym

The Auction

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Kofu will explain that the player has to compete with other customers at the auction for goods, and the person who bids the highest price gets it. Kofu will then give the player 50,000 Pokemon Dollars for the player to use and bid on the seaweed! The Cascarrafa Gym Test will now start!

As stated, to complete this Gym Test, the player must outbid two other persons and buy the wakame seaweed. At the start of the auction, the auctioneer will say that the bidding will start at 10,000 Pokemon Dollars. The bidding will totally be the player’s choice, but it is worth mentioning that any money left over will be given to the player. So, the player can just select the lowest bid on the prompt every time or even not bid yet during an offer until the other two bidders will give up. Whatever the player decides to bid, the other two bidders will surely give up once the player bids all 50,000 Pokemon Dollars meaning that the Gym Test is still a sure win, and it only depends on the player to strategize if they want to keep some of the money.

After that, Kofu will compliment the player and thank the player for winning the seaweed for him. Then, he will head back to the Cascarrafa Gym, and the player has completed the Cascarrafa Gym Test!

Gym Leader Kofu

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After completing the Gym Test, head back inside Cascarrafa and the Cascarrafa Gym, then talk to the receptionist once again the receptionist will thank the player for reuniting Kofu and his wallet, and then say that the player has passed the Gym Test, Confirm on the prompt that the player is ready to challenge the Cascarrafa Gym Leader, Kofu the Surging Chef and the player will now be brought to the battle court which is along the large bridge in the bottommost part of Cascarrafa.

After that, the player will be in the battle court then Gym Leader Kofu will arrive, but a crowd will cover him, and he will tell them to try out a new item on his restaurant’s menu and that he has business to take care of as a Gym Leader. As previously mentioned, the Cascarrafa Gym is a Water-type Gym which means that Gym Leader Kofu will mostly use Water-type Pokemon.

Gym Leader Kofu will use three Pokemon: a Level 29 Veluza, a Level 29 Wugtrio, and a Level 30 Crabominable that has a Water Tera type. Gym Leader Kofu will use these Pokemon in this order and terastallize Crabominable, changing it from a Fighting and Ice-type to a pure Water type.

With that in mind, it is worth mentioning that Veluza is a Water and Psychic-type Pokemon, which means that it has a weakness to the Bug-type, Dark type, Electric type, Ghost type, and Grass-type moves (super effective) and a resistance to Fighting type, Fire type, Ice-type, Psychic type, Steel type and Water-type moves (not very effective). Kofu’s Veluza has the Ability called Mold Breaker, which allows Kofu’s Veluza to use moves without being affected by the opposing Pokemon’s Abilities. Kofu’s Veluza may use the following moves: Slash, Pluck, and Aqua Cutter.

Wugtrio is a Water-type Pokemon which means it has a weakness to Electric-type and Grass-type moves (super effective) and a resistance to Fire-type, Ice-type, Steel-type, and Water-type moves (not very effective). Kofu’s Wugtrio may use the following moves: Mud-Slap, Water Pulse, and Headbutt.

Crabominable, because of its Tera type and as Gym Leader Kofu will terastallize it, will become a Water type which means it also now has a weakness to Electric-type and Grass-type moves (super effective), and resistance to Fire-type, Ice-type, Steel type, and Water-type moves (not very effective). Kofu’s Crabominable may use the following moves: Crabhammer, Rock Smash, and Slam.

Because Gym Leader Kofu’s Pokemon are Level 29 and 30, It is recommended that the player’s Pokemon be at least Level 30 to defeat Gym Leader Kofu a little bit easier.

After defeating Gym Leader Kofu, the player will then receive the Water Gym Badge and TM022, which is a move called Chilling Water. Chilling Water is a special Water-type move where, if used, the opposing Pokemon’s Attack Stat will be decreased by one stage. Chilling Water has 50 Power, 100 Accuracy, and 20 PP.

Now that the player has defeated Gym Leader Kofu and completed the Cascarrafa Gym, the player is now one step closer to completing the ‘Victory Road’ quest line and becoming the Champion in the Paldea Region!

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