Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Ruchbah Squad (Fairy Crew) Star Base Guide


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an open-world game in which the player takes on the role of a transferee at a large school in the Paldea Region. In the game, only the player can decide what to do: beat the villainous Team Star, defeat all the Pokemon Gyms, become the champion, and become the very best like no one ever was, track down Titan Pokemon, or simply complete the Pokedex and catch them all!

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Ruchbah Squad (Fairy Crew) Star Base Guide

In this guide, we will cover defeating Team Star Bases that are part of the ‘Starfall Street’ quest line, specifically defeating the Ruchbah Squad, also known as the Fairy Crew, Star Base!


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The Team Star’s Fairy Crew Base can be found in North Province (Area Three) (or northeast of Casseroya Lake or northwest of Montenevera) in the northernmost part of the map of the Paldea Region.

The player can reach the Fairy Crew Star Base by starting from the Glaseado Mountain Pokemon Center, following the winding road to the north to go to the North Province (Area Three) Pokemon Center, and from there, head to the north to find the Ruchbah Squad Base.

Gate Battle

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Upon arriving at the Ruchbah Squad’s Star Base, head towards the gate, and a cutscene will play where a man in a formal outfit named Harrington is telling the Team Star Grunt, that is guarding the entrance, that he will return when it is time for the young master’s piano lesson.

Harrington will then notice the player and ask who the player is. Select any of the responses from the prompt, and Harrington will explain that this is the base of Team Star’s Fairy Crew called the Ruchbah Squad that young Master Ortega leads.

The Team Star Grunt will be surprised that Harrington gave out that information, to which Harrington will apologize. Harrington will then ask the Team Star Grunt who the player is, and the Grunt will reply that the player may be here to try and take them on, so Harrington will ask the player if you are an enemy of the young Master Ortega.

Select any of the responses from the prompt, and Harrington will then ask the player to indulge him in a quick battle. Confirm on the prompt, and a battle against Harrington will commence!

Pokemon Trainer Harrington will only use two Pokemon: a Level 48 Morgrem and a Level 49 Hattrem. With that in mind, it is worth mentioning that Morgrem is a Dark and Fairy-type Pokemon which means that it has a weakness to Fairy-type, Poison-type, and Steel-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Ghost-type and incredibly Dark-type moves (not very effective), and immunity to Dragon-type and Psychic-type moves (no effect); and that Hattrem is a Psychic-type Pokemon which means that it has a weakness to the Bug-type, Dark-type, and Ghost-type moves (super effective), and resistance to Fighting-type and Psychic-type moves (not very effective).

After defeating Harrington, he will compliment the player’s performance and warn the player that his young Master Ortega’s skills in battle are far better than his skills. Then, Harrington will leave. After that, the Team Star Grunt will tell the player that she heard that Harrington used to be the Academy Director, and now he is tutoring the Ruchbah Squad’s boss. Then, the Team Star Grunt will say that she is sure the player is here to make trouble, so she will say that she has to let everyone know and then leave. 

After that, a small cutscene will play out where Cassiopeia will call the player and compliment the player for taking care of the Grunt at the gate. Cassiopeia will then explain that inside this base is Team Star’s Fairy Crew called the Ruchbah Squad, and their boss is named Ortega, the mechanic of Team Star.

Cassiopeia will say that Ortega is the youngest boss of Team Star, but his battling skills are no joke. Because of this, Cassiopeia will warn the player not to underestimate Ortega as this will cause things to go south. Then, Cassiopeia will suggest making Ortega angry by defeating many of his Team Star Grunts so that he will appear and face the player.

Star Barrage

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In the following part, the player must battle many Pokemon within the time limit. To achieve this, the player must use the R button to send out multiple Pokemon, specifically the first three Pokemon in the player’s party, and have them combat the Grunts’ Pokemon simultaneously.

If all of the player’s Pokemon runs out of HP or the timer runs out, the player will lose. The player can retreat and give up by hitting the Y button before the timer runs out.

As mentioned above, this is the base of Team Star’s Fairy Crew, so all of the Grunts in the base will use a Fairy-type Pokemon (some Pokemon will have dual types, but one of those will be Fairy type).

With that in mind, it is worth mentioning that Fairy-type Pokemon have a weakness to Poison-type and Steel-type Pokemon (super effective), so ready up Pokemon with these types to defeat the grunts easily.

The player should use Level 50 and above Pokemon to easily defeat the Grunts’ Pokemon inside the Fairy Crew’s base.

Once the player is ready to take on the Star Barrage, head towards the gate, interact with the bell with a glowing button, and confirm on the prompt to challenge Team Star’s Fairy Crew.

Clive will then enter the Fairy Crew’s base with the player, and a Grunt will talk on the speakers and say that they will deal with the player without Ortega’s, their boss, help unless the player can defeat 30 of the Fairy Crew’s Pokemon within 10 minutes.

After that, the Star Barrage will start! The Team Star Fairy Crew Grunts in the base will use a lot of Tinkatink, Marill, Azumarill, Tinkatuff, Mimikyu, Fidough, Florges, Dachsbun, Kirlia, and Gardevoir.

This Star Barrage is quite simple to complete if the player has three Pokemon who are powerful or have a type that is super effective against Fairy-type Pokemon and is at the appropriate levels or is strong enough.

When the player’s Pokemon are running low on health, they can either talk to Clive near the base entrance to have him heal them, or they can interact with any of the vending machines there.

Fairy Crew Boss Ortega

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After beating 30 of Team Star’s Fairy Crew’s Pokemon in 10 minutes, Ortega, the Fairy Crew’s Boss, will appear on top of a Starmobile. Then the fight against Ortega will begin!

Ortega will use four Pokemon. The first one is a Level 50 Azumarill which is a Water and Fairy-type Pokemon that has a weakness to Electric-type, Grass-type, and Poison-type moves (super effective), a resistance to the Bug-type, Dark-type, Fighting-type, Fire-type, Ice-type, and Water-type moves (not very effective), and an immunity to Dragon-type moves (no effect). Ortega’s Azumarill will use the following moves: Play Rough, Aqua Tail, Charm, and Bounce.

The second Pokemon that Ortega will use is a Level 51 Dachsbun, which is a Fairy-type Pokemon that has a weakness to Poison-type and Steel-type moves (super effective), a resistance to the Bug-type, Dark type, and Fighting-type moves (not very effective), and an immunity to Dragon-type moves (no effect). Ortega’s Dachsbun will use the following moves: Play Rough, Body Slam, Charm, and Gyro Ball.

The third Pokemon that Ortega will use is a Level 50 Wigglytuff, which is a Normal and Fairy type Pokemon that has a weakness to Poison-type and Steel-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Bug type and Dark-type moves (not very effective), and an immunity to Ghost-type and Dragon-type moves (no effect). Ortega’s Wigglytuff will use the following moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Crunch, Play Rough, and Mud-Slap.

The fourth Pokemon that Ortega will use is the Ruchbah Starmobile, a Level 50 Fairy-type Revavroom. The Ruchbah Starmobile has the Ability called Misty Surge, which applies Misty Terrain on the battlefield for five turns when the Pokemon with the Ability enters the battle.

As the Ruchbah Starmobile is also a Fairy type, it also has a weakness to Poison-type and Steel-type moves (super effective), a resistance to the Bug-type, Dark-type, and Fighting-type moves (not very effective), and an immunity to Dragon-type moves (no effect). Ortega’s Ruchbah Starmobile will use the following moves: Magical Torque, Spin Out, Steel Roller, and Confuse Ray.

After defeating Ortega, a flashback cutscene about Ortega and the other Team Star crew bosses will play out. Ortega will then say that the player is the worst and the most annoying person ever, but he will admit they are powerful.

Then, Ortega will give the player a Star Badge for defeating Team Star’s Fairy Crew and TM079, a move called Dazzling Gleam. Dazzling Gleam is a special Fairy-type move that damages the opposing Pokemon by emitting a powerful flash. Dazzling Gleam has 80 Power, 100 Accuracy, and 10 PP.

After that, Harrington enters the scene to which Ortega says that he just lost his boss title, so he is all good to head home, but Harrington will say that there is someone that he wants Ortega to meet. Then, Clive will enter the scene, introduce himself, tell Ortega that he is the son of a wealthy family and the heir to a major apparel company and ask why Ortega would join a group like Team Star.

Ortega will then explain that the answer is the same as everyone else on Team Star, and that is because he was also being bullied, to which Clive will confirm that the academy did have an issue with bullying. Ortega will continue that the academy is now all rainbows and butterflies as the bullies from back then do not even go to school anymore. 

Clive will then ask what happened to them. Still, Harrington, the former director of the academy, will reply that the members of Team Star confronted the other students who bullied them about 18 months ago, and an altercation broke out. Harrington will continue that it did not become a major incident. Still, the altercation became a scandal of unknown proportions.

Because of what happened, the students who did the bullying dropped out of the academy one after the other, but his former deputy deleted all records of the incident.

Clive will then be shocked, and Harrington will continue that a certain student came to see him just as he was wondering how to best deal with the aftermath of the incident.

This student declared that they would take all responsibility for Team Star’s actions and, in exchange, the student requested that he absolve the other members of Team Star from any blame. 

Ortega will be surprised by that information. Harrington will continue that accepts the request and agree not to take disciplinary action against Team Star. He assigned that overseas student study for 18 months but not as a form of punishment.

Still, he wanted the student to rest and return to their home in the Galar region. During that, the former deputy took it upon himself to delete all the records to shield himself from any blame, so he dealt with the former deputy appropriately.

Additionally, it was because of what happened that Harrington and the other faculty members resigned from their positions. Ortega will then ask why Harrington is now telling them this, to which Harrington will reply that Team Star cannot carry on anymore and that he wishes to give Ortega a chance at a better path. However, Ortega will say that he will not abandon his friends and will not go to school without them as they are his greatest treasure in the world.

Then, Penny will arrive and give the player some TM Crafting Materials from Cassiopeia. After that, Cassiopeia will once again call the player and reward the player with 10,000 LP, and the player can now make more kinds of TMs using the TM Machine.

The TM Machine Recipes that are unlocked are TM131 or Pollen Puff, TM121 or Heavy Slam, TM118 or Heat Wave, TM117 or Hyper Voice, TM115 or Dragon Pulse, TM112 or Aura Sphere, TM111 or Giga Drain, TM108 or Crunch, TM106 or Drill Run, TM101 or Power Gem, TM099 or Iron Head, TM095 or Leech Life, TM094 or Dark Pulse, TM093 or Flash Cannon, TM078 or Dragon Claw, TM077 or Waterfall, TM073 or Drain Punch, TM072 or Electro Ball, and TM071 or Seed Bomb.

Now that the player has defeated Team Star’s Ruchbah Squad and their boss, Ortega, the player is one step closer to completing the ‘Starfall Street quest line and Operation Starfall!

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