Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Segin Squad (Dark Crew) Star Base Guide


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an open-world game where the player is a transferee in a huge school in the Paldea Region. In the game, the player and the player only gets to decide whatever they want to do: whether to defeat the nefarious Team Star, defeat all the Pokemon Gyms, become the champion, and become the very best like no one ever was, to track down Titan Pokemon, or simply just complete the Pokedex and catch them all!

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Segin Squad (Dark Crew) Star Base Guide

Here, we will talk about defeating Star Bases, which are part of the ‘Starfall Street’ quest line, and in this guide, we will talk about beating the Segin Squad, also known as the Dark Crew, Star Base!


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The Team Star’s Dark Crew Base can be found in the northeastern part of West Province (Area One) just before the player can reach Cascarrafa City (or way north of Cortondo, which is the first city west of Mesagoza City).

Grunt Battle

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Upon arriving in the Segin Squad’s Star Base, head towards the gate where the player will be greeted by two of the crew’s grunts who will say that the base belongs to Team Star’s Dark crew and that if the player does not leave, then they will have to send the player away packing.

Then, one of the grunts will recognize the player and ask if the player was the one who was declaring war on Team Star. Select any of the responses on the prompt, and the grunt will say that it does not matter who the player says they are, and if the player does not leave, then the grunt would have to get thrashed by her in battle. Confirm on the prompt to take them on, and a battle against the Team Star Grunt will commence!

The Team Star Grunt will only use one Pokemon, a Level 19 Murkrow. With that in mind, it is worth mentioning that Murkrow is a Dark and Flying-type Pokemon which means that it has a weakness against Electric type, Fairy type, Ice type, and Rock-type moves (super effective), a resistance against Dark type, Ghost type, and Grass-type moves (not very effective), and an immunity to Ground-type and Psychic-type moves (no effect).

After defeating the Team Star Grunt, the grunt that the player just defeated will leave, and the remaining grunt will say that the other grunt was new to the team and he might have to talk to her about her attitude. Then, the grunt will say that he has to go inside the base to give the rest of the squad a heads-up and tell the player that they come at the player with full force if the player sets foot inside the base.

After that, a small cutscene will play out where Cassiopeia will call the player and compliment the player for taking care of the guards. Cassiopeia will then explain that inside this base is Team Star’s Dark crew called the Segin Squad, and their boss is Giacomo, who runs the whole of Team Star and even produced the team’s soundtrack himself.

Cassiopeia will say that Giacomo is a sharp guy, and even their declaration of war against Team Star will not have ruffled Giacomo in the slightest. Cassiopeia will continue and say that Giacomo’s plan is probably to wear the player down with a wave of grunts and finish the player off himself, so there is no use trying to outthink strategic types like Giacomo and bring him down with a head-on attack. Cassiopeia will then explain that the player must defeat as many Pokemon as possible until Giacomo shows up.

Star Barrage

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In this next part, the player must battle many Pokemon within the allotted time. To do this, the player would have to send out multiple Pokemon, specifically the first three Pokemon in the player’s party, using the R button and have them battle the Grunts’ Pokemon simultaneously. The player will lose if all of the player’s Pokemon get worn out to battle, or the timer runs out. The player can retreat and give up by pressing the Y button before the timer runs out.

As previously mentioned, this is the base of Team Star’s Dark crew, so all of the Grunts in the bottom will use a Dark-type Pokemon (some Pokemon will have dual types, but one of those will be Dark type). With that in mind, it is worth mentioning that Dark-type Pokemon have a weakness to the Bug-type, Fairy-type, and Fighting-type Pokemon (super effective), so ready up Pokemon with these types to defeat the grunts easily.

The player should use Level 22 and above Pokemon to easily defeat the Grunts’ Pokemon inside the Dark crew’s base.

Once the player is ready, head towards the base’s gate, interact with the bell with the glowing button, and confirm on the prompt to challenge Team Star’s Dark Crew. Clive will then enter the Dark crew’s base with the player to explain what will happen in the Star Barrage, and a Grunt will talk on the speakers and say that if the player can defeat 30 of the Dark crew’s Pokemon within 10 minutes, then their boss, Giacomo, might just honor the player an appearance. After that, the Star Barrage will start! The Team Star Dark crew Grunts in the base will use a lot of Sneasel, Sableye, Pawniard, Nymble, Stunky, Zorua, Murkrow, and Sandile.

This Star Barrage is easy to complete given that the player has three Pokemon that are strong or super effective against Dark-type Pokemon and granted that these Pokemon are on the recommended level or are strong enough.

When the player’s Pokemon are low on health, the player can head back to Clive near the entrance and talk to him so he can heal the player’s Pokemon, or the player can interact with any of the vending machines inside the base.

Dark Crew Boss Giacomo

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After defeating 30 of the Dark crew’s Pokemon within 10 minutes, Giacomo, the Boss of Team Star’s Dark crew, will appear on top of a Starmobile. Giacomo will then introduce himself to the player, who also goes by DJ Vice, and say that he will play a sick requiem as the player will crash and burn. Then, a battle against Giacomo will commence!

Giacomo will only use two Pokemon. The first one is a Level 21 Pawniard which is a Dark and Steel-type Pokemon that has a weakness to Fire-type, Ground-type, and especially Fighting-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Dark-type, Dragon type, Flying-type, Ghost-type, Grass-type, Ice-type, Normal type, Rock-type, and Steel-type moves (not very effective), and immunity to Poison type and Psychic-type moves (no effect). Giacomo’s Pawniard will use the following moves: Aerial Ace, Fury Cutter, and Metal Claw.

The second Pokemon Giacomo will use the Segin Starmobile, a Level 20 Dark-type Revavroom. The Segin Starmobile has the Ability called Intimidate, which lowers the opposing Pokemon’s Attack stat by one stage whenever the Pokemon with the Ability enters the battlefield. As the Segin Starmobile is also a Dark type, it also has a weakness to the Bug-type, Fairy-type, and Fighting-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Dark-type and Ghost-type moves (not very effective), and an immunity to Psychic-type moves (no effect). Giacomo’s Segin Starmobile will use the following moves: Wicked Torque, Swift, Spin Out, and Brick Break.

After defeating Giacomo, a flashback cutscene about Giacomo and the other Team Star crew bosses will play out. Then, Giacomo will give the player a Star Badge for defeating Team Star’s Dark crew and TM062, a move called Foul Play.

Foul Play is a physical Dark type move in which, if used, the damage dealt on the opposing Pokemon is based on its Attack stat, which means that the higher the opposing Pokemon’s Attack stat is, the greater the damage. Foul Play has 95 Power, 100 Accuracy, and 15 PP. Giacomo will then say that the player’s Pokemon are crazy strong and ask if the player learned those Trainer chops at the academy, then ask if the player likes it at the academy. 

After that, Clive enters the scene and tells Giacomo that it seems that all of the members of Team Star are headed for expulsion if they keep up with their current activities, so he will ask Giacomo why they will not just break up the team and start attending class at the academy again.

Giacomo will answer that the members of Team Star are waiting on the strongest boss in all of Team Star, who invited the other bosses to form the team and who they call the “big boss,” and they do not know if they will come back. Clive will ask where their big boss is now, and Giacomo will answer that they would also like to know as they have not heard from them in a year and a half now, and they thought that they would get back in touch if they kept Team Star going.

Giacomo continues that keeping Team Star going is a challenge because the teachers keep pressing them to call it quits, and they also get party crashers like Clive and the player. Then, Giacomo will wonder if the big boss did ditch them. Clive will then ask Giacomo if Team Star and the big boss are that important to him, to which Giacomo will say that he will answer it in words that students in the academy might understand and say that they are his greatest treasure.

Then, Penny will arrive and give the player some TM Crafting Materials from Cassiopeia. After that, Cassiopeia will once again call the player and reward the player with 5,000 LP, and the player can now make more TMs using the TM Machine. The TM Machine Recipes that are unlocked are TM096 or Eerie Impulse, TM070 or Sleep Talk, TM037 or Draining Kiss, TM036 or Rock Tomb, TM035 or Mud Shot, TM033 or Magical Leaf, TM030 or Snarl, TM028 or Bulldoze, TM026 or Poison Tail, TM024 or Fire Spin, TM023 or Charge Beam, TM017 or Confuse Ray, TM013 or Acid Spray, TM006 or Scary Face, TM003 or Fake Tears, TM041 or Stored Power, TM004 or Agility, TM042 or Nightshade, and TM034 or Icy Wind.

Now that the player has defeated Team Star’s Segin Squad and their boss, Giacomo, the player is one step closer to completing the ‘Starfall Street’ quest line and Operation Starfall!

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