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Before the release of Pokémon Snap, many discarded this as a true Pokémon game. However, as more and more players tried it out, it came increasingly obvious that this isn’t your regular Pokémon game, nor is it half bad. It gives you a different perspective to Pokémon, and instead of catching them, you do your research. But Pokémon like the Lugia are tough to take a picture of or even wake up. How do you do it?

Pokémon Snap: Wake Up Lugia & Higher Star Photo

Wake Up Lugia & Higher Star Photo – Pokemon Snap

Lugia is on of those very rare Pokémon creatures, that many haven’t added to their roster in Snap. It is very challenging to wake up, and take pictures of it. Nonetheless, it can be done.

You will be required to take a few alternate routes here and there in the Lental Undersea, but ultimately, once woken up, it is very easy to take a few quick and perfect pictures. In any case, let’s get down to business.

This is how you can wake up Lugia and take a higher star photo in Pokémon Snap:

  • To start this off, make sure to select Lental Undersea, but at rank three.
  • After the first right in the sea, take the first alternate route on the left. You will see a Clawitzer getting out of there. Simply go underneath the rocks, in the cave-like structure.
  • You will descend a bit here, but wait after the straight, and you will begin descending later on as well.
  • When you’re on the bottom in the sea, you will see a Lanturn going into a cave. Take the same route here also. While going forwards, keep looking on the right, and you should see Lugia.
  • Immediately start throwing as many balls as possible, using the Y button. Throw a couple at Lugia, and then above the Pokémon as well. Slowly but surely, the Pokémon will be woken.
  • After it wakes up it will do a sort of an annoyed take off, and this is the moment to take pictures. Take as many as possible!

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