Pokémon Sword/Shield: How to Change the Nature of Pokémon


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The release of Pokémon Sword and Shield marked a change in a few mechanics in the world of Pokémon, such as, not needing for an Exp Share to level up other Pokémon and, as we are going to tackle here, finally being able to change a Pokémon’s Nature

Pokémon Sword/Shield: How to Change the Nature of Pokémon
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Nature, in the wondrous world of Pokémon, was introduced in Generation III and is a Pokémon’s personality that influences how its stats grow; this is what makes each Pokémon unique. Upon catching a Pokémon, a Nature is applied to it randomly.  Natures (except for Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Quirky, and Serious) will decrease one Base Stat by 10% (colored blue when viewing a Pokémon’s stats) while increasing another by 10% (colored red when viewing a Pokémon’s stats). Additionally, a Pokémon’s Nature determines what flavor of curry a Pokémon prefers and dislikes. The following table shows all the Natures in Pokémon Sword and Shield along with the effects and flavor preferences:

NatureIncreased by 10%Decreased by 10%Preferred FlavorDisliked Flavor
AdamantAttackSpecial AttackSpicyDry
CalmSpecial DefenseAttackBitterSpicy
CarefulSpecial DefenseSpecial AttackBitterDry
GentleSpecial DefenseDefenseBitterSour
ImpishDefenseSpecial AttackSourDry
JollySpeedSpecial AttackSweetDry
LaxDefenseSpecial DefenseSourBitter
MildSpecial AttackDefenseDrySour
ModestSpecial AttackAttackDrySpicy
NaiveSpeedSpecial DefenseSweetBitter
NaughtyAttackSpecial DefenseSpicyBitter
QuietSpecial AttackSpeedDrySweet
RashSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseDryBitter
SassySpecial DefenseSpeedBitterSweet

Nature Changer

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, gone are the days of trying to catch the same Pokémon to get your preferred Nature or trying to breed them to get a different Nature. In Sword and Shield, you can just change them with Mints! Here’s how:

  1. After going through the main story of the game, the Rose Tower will become the Battle Tower. Stroll or fly to Wyndon and go to the Battle Tower.
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  1. Talk to the League Staff/BP Shop that is farthest to the left.
IMG 6850
  1. Purchase the Mint with the Nature effect you want.
IMG 6851
  1. Open your bag, select the Other Items pocket, and select the Mint you just bought.
IMG 6852
  1. Select Use this item and select the Pokémon you want to use it on.
IMG 6853
  1. Confirm and you’re done! You’ve changed the Nature effects of your Pokémon!
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It is worth mentioning, however, that you cannot just buy them with normal Pokémon Dollars. Items in the, aptly named, BP Shops are bought with Battle Points or BP. You can earn BP by, you guessed it, battling in the Battle Tower. Earn BP by participating in Single and Double Battles. The higher the Tier you’re in, the more BP you’ll win.

Using Mints on your Pokémon will only grant the Nature’s effect on the Pokémon and the Nature that will appear if you view the Pokémon’s summary is still the original Nature of the Pokémon. For example, using the images above, I used a Timid Mint on my Lucario with a Brave Nature. This means that my Lucario’s red stat (increased by 10%) will change from Attack to Speed and her blue stat (decreased by 10%) will change from Speed to Attack but, the Nature stated in the summary will still be Brave and her preferred curry flavor will still be Spicy and dislike Sweet.

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It is also worth noting that putting a Pokémon with a Synchronize ability as the leader (first Pokemon) of your party will guarantee that the Nature of the Pokémon you will encounter will be the same as the Pokémon with the Synchronize ability.

If you still wish to do things the old-fashioned way, breeding a Pokémon that is holding an Everstone will produce a Pokémon with the same Nature.

With all of these changes, it seems as though players are now being spoiled with easier ways of grinding and making stronger Pokémon. There is no more excuse to not have strong and powerful Pokémon!


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