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Pokémon UNITE is a fast-paced, strategic team battle game that has players compete against each other and score goals to dominate the battlefield. In most cases, the match’s outcome hinges on how skilled you are at navigating the map and how knowledgeable you are about the game’s featured Wild Pokémon.

Pokémon UNITE: Map and Wild Pokémon Guide (Season 2)

Familiarizing yourself with the battle arena is one of the most effective strategies to gain a huge advantage in battle. That is why in this guide, we’ll detail all the Map types and the Wild Pokémon that populate each map.

Types of Maps

Remoat Stadium

The Remoat Stadium is used for Standard and Ranked Matches, and it’s the first map available in the game. The battle arena has two sides: The Ally side and the Enemy side. It has also three lanes: The Top, Mid, and Bottom lanes. It has ten goal zones, five goals for each side.

The map also has a few springy platforms called Jump Pads that can launch players onto specific spots on the map. Super Jump Pads appear a few minutes into the match, and they can send you flying to landing spots a lot farther.

Sitrus Berries can make you recover 1,500 of your health and they can be picked near the goal zones. In the central area of the map, you can also find some Salac Berries. Consuming them will increase the speed of your movement.

Shivre City

Shivre City is geared towards 4v4 Quick Battle Matches, that is why its size is noticeably smaller than the Remoat Stadium. Quick Matches can be unlocked when you get up to Trainer Level 8. Since Quick Matches only last for 5 minutes, Shivre City only has two Goal Zones, one each for the Ally and Enemy sides.

In exchange for Jump Pads, which are only suitable for bigger maps, Shivre City has Speed Flux Zones that can give you a boost in speed. Sitrus Berries are located on these Speed Flux Zone. These berries can be very helpful in fleeing from opponents or helping allies in trouble.

Auroma Park

Even if Auroma Park is the biggest among all the maps designed for Quick Matches, it does not have Jump pads or Speed Flux Zones. You are also unable to use the recall mechanic or teleport back to the base. The good thing is that there are Conveyer Lanes placed along some of the pathways on the map. When you walk on these Conveyer Lanes, your movement will momentarily quicken, but that still depends on the direction of the arrows indicated on these paths.

You can rely on berries to help you recover some health and increase your speed. Sitrus Berries are located near the starting point and the goal zones, while Salac Berries are found near the center of the map.

Mer Stadium

Mer Stadium is essentially a smaller version of the Remoat Stadium but it is made for 4 VS 4 Quick Battle Mode. The map only has six goal zones, three each for the Ally and Opponent teams. Considering that it is a Quick Match, battles only last for 3 minutes.

List of Wild Pokémon

Farming EXP and earning Aeos points in Pokémon Unite will require you to finish off Wild Pokémon that are scattered all over the map. Weather conditions and sceneries differ in these maps, so the Pokémon that inhabit them also have specific types.

There are what we call Normal Wild Pokémon and Wild Pokémon with Buffs in the game. Normal Wild Pokémon will grant you a couple of points upon defeating them. On the other hand, defeating Wild Pokémon with Buffs will give you a stat boost, and they are substantially tougher to beat.

Normal Wild Pokemon:

Like all Playable Pokémon, some Wild Pokémon evolve, and all the while mounting up the Aeos points that you gain after defeating them. Pokémon that don’t evolve still get increased points at the final stretch of the match. Keep in mind that there are some Pokémon that disappear at a certain minute from the map and get replaced with other types of Pokémon.

Remoat Stadium and Mer Stadium

Wild Pokémon At the start Evolution  At the final stretch
Aipom2 points / 5 pointsEvolves into Ambipom (Mer Stadium only)N/A
Ambipom (Mer Stadium only)N/AN/A3  points / 7 points
Lillipup (Remoat Stadium Only)2 pointsEvolves into HerdierN/A
      Herdier (Remoat Stadium Only)N/AN/A3 points
Combee (Remoat Stadium Only)2 pointsN/A3 points
Vespiquen (Remoat Stadium Only)4 pointsN/A6 points
Corphish3 pointsEvolves into CrawduantN/A
CrawduantN/AN/A5 points
Audino5 pointsN/A8 points

As you make your way towards the enemy lane, Aipoms are usually the first Wild Pokémon you encounter. They are positioned at the top and bottom lanes, and they do not respawn after being defeated. In Mer Stadium, Ambipoms take over Aipoms’ place before the end of the match. However, Aipoms with 5 points are the only ones that could evolve into Ambipoms.

Lilipups are located in the Jungle Area or the Mid Lane. Similar to Aipoms, they also do not respawn after getting knocked out but they will be replaced with a Herdier later on. Audinos are positioned near the goal zones and they usually come back even after being knocked out. Corphishes can be located around the Jungle area. These crustacean Pokémon evolve into Crawduants after a few minutes. Combee and Vespiquen that are found at the top and bottom lanes do not evolve, but they will all come swarming at you if you start attacking them.

Shivre City

Wild Pokémon At the startEvolution  At the final stretch
Alolan Meowth2 pointsEvolves into Alolan PersianN/A
Alolan PersianN/AN/A3 points
Snom3 pointsEvolves into FrosmothN/A
FrosmothN/AN/A5 points
Electrode10 pointsN/A13 points

Alolan Meowths and Snoms are the first Wild Pokémon you can find at the top and bottom lanes. Snoms eventually evolve into Frosmoths at the last minute, while Alolan Meowths turn into Alolan Persians. Electrodes can be located in the central area of the map. These Pokémon are reminiscent of the ones in the main games as they have the ability to self-destruct, causing damage and stunning nearby Pokémon.

Auroma Park

Wild Pokémon At the startEvolution  At the final stretch
Ledyba2 pointsEvolves into LedianN/A
LedianN/AN/A3 points
Sunkern2 pointsEvolves into SunfloraN/A
SunfloraN/AN/A5 points
Abra20 pointsN/A23 points
Araquanid15 pointsN/A20 points
Dewpider2 pointsN/A3 points
Venomoth5 pointsN/A8 points

Auroma Park’s map is designed for quick battles but it is occupied with different types of Wild Pokémon. Sunkerns can instantly be seen near the base, along with a Ledyba. They can also be found near the goal zones. At the last minute of the match, Sunkerns will evolve into Sunfloras, and all Ledyba will be replaced with Ledian.

Venomoths can be spotted hovering in the central area of the map. Araquanids that spawn tiny Dewpiders are located nearby goal zones. Out of all the Normal Wild Pokémon, Abra is the most difficult one to beat since it teleports away whenever you start pursuing them.

Wild Pokémon with Buffs:

  • Bouffalant: Defeating it will make enemies will slow down while being attacked. Apart from that, you also gain 4 points upon beating it, and it will increase into 7 points at the last minute.
  • Ludicolo: Knocking it out will earn you 4 points, and also boost your attack against Pokemon with lower health. At the final stretch, you will gain 7 points after defeating Ludicolo.
  • Zapdos: Beating it will send a wave of thunder to your enemies, inflicting them damage and stunning them for a few seconds. The player who deals the finishing blow to Zapdos will receive 30 points, while the other players will get 15 points.
  • Rotom (Remoat Stadium only): Finishing off a Rotom will give you 20 points. In addition to that, your team will also be granted instant scoring for 30 seconds, which means whenever you take over a goal, 20 points will be added to that score.
  • Drednaw (Remoat Stadium only): Aside from gaining 20 points, Drednaw will also grant you and your allies a shield and an experience boost after defeating it.

Shivre City

  • Avalugg: Upon defeating an Avalugg, its piercing ice aura will be unleashed on your enemies, causing them to slow down. It will also grant your goals an impenetrable ice shield for a few seconds. Beating it will also give you 20 points that will turn into 30 points at the last minute.

Auroma Park

  • Regigigas: After beating it, the enemy’s goal zones will become defenseless, and your team’s scoring speed will be doubled. You will also receive 40 points that will eventually turn into 50 points at the final stretch.  

That’s all you need to know about the Map types and the Wild Pokémon that are featured in this season. Pokémon UNITE will get constant updates, and hopefully, we will get to see more maps and other types of Pokémon that we haven’t encountered yet in the game.

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