The Worst Biomes To Play in Minecraft



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Biomes play an important role in the game. The weather, temperature, and terrain all affect a player’s chances of survival as well as the kind of resources and mobs that spawn in them. Here is a list of the worst biomes for players to play on in Minecraft.

The Worst Biomes To Play in Minecraft

Once players start the game and generate a new world, they usually spawn in ideal biomes fit for survival. But on rare occasions, this might not seem to be the case. Generally speaking, the best survival biomes would include ideal terrain, great weather, lots of passive mobs, tons of vegetation, and easy access to resources. Although the perfect biome doesn’t really exist—as there will always be hazards and dangers that require a player’s resourcefulness and wit to survive—there are, however, good biomes that make survival easier.

But, as there are pros in every biome, we cannot ignore the cons that come with it. And for certain biomes, there are more cons than pros. So we’ve gathered a shortlist of what might possibly be the worst biomes for players to play in the overworld of Minecraft.

Gravelly Mountains

The gravelly mountains is a mountain biome variant that replaces the mountain’s upper layers of grass blocks and stone with gravel. Gravel poses a general threat to players who are climbing up to the surface from underground caves or caverns as gravel could potentially land on the player’s head causing suffocation. The presence of extensive gravel in this biome also hinders tree growth thus making this biome relatively barren.


The desert is a vast but barren biome composed mainly of sand. As one of the worst biomes in Minecraft, it is devoid of any trees in the area, and the only existing vegetation visible are cacti and dead bushes. Along with that, the only passive mob that naturally spawn in this biome are rabbits. And worst of all, regular zombies that spawn here at night are replaced by husks—zombie variants that do not burn in sunlight—which means that they won’t disappear even during the day.

Snowy Tundra

The snowy tundra or snowy plains biome is an expansive biome that looks similar to the plains but only colder. It is vastly covered with thick layers of snow and only a few spruce trees are able to generate in this area, making it even harder to gather wood for crafting and building. The only animal mobs that spawn here are rabbits and polar bears, unlike in the warm plains biome where pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep occasionally spawn. This is also one of the few biomes that spawn strays—a skeleton variant that can shoot arrows of slowness.


The badlands is a rare biome that looks similar to a desert with the main difference being that regular sand is replaced with red sand and mounds of various-colored terracotta are generated throughout the region. Like the desert, only cacti and dead bushes are its obvious vegetation. One thing unique about the badlands is that passive mobs do not spawn here, unlike in the desert where rabbits will at least spawn—making players unable to gather any raw food items in this biome.

Deep Ocean

The deep ocean is an ocean biome variant that is twice as deep as the regular ocean biome. Being an ocean biome alone makes this pretty unhabitable for players as the ocean can go on for miles without any hope of seeing land. Unlike the normal ocean biome, the deep ocean may contain deep underwater ravines dotted with the occasional magma blocks that create bubble columns and sink players swimming by with its strong current. Due to how deep it is, light almost never reaches the ocean floor thus allowing the drowned to easily spawn in this area. This biome may also generate ocean monuments that are surrounded by guardians and elder guardians.

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