Pokeprincxss: How Nintendo turned her into digitalprincxss


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In case you weren’t aware, Nintendo is an extremely litigious company. The house of Mario fires off lawsuits like they’re coming out of a t-shirt gun. Unfortunately, TikTok star pokeprincxss didn’t seem to understand that until Nintendo came knocking. But she found out! So much so that she’s not even called by that name anymore. Now she’s digitalprincxss instead.

Pokeprincxss: How Nintendo turned her into digitalprincxss

Pokeprincxss flew too close to the brand

So what happened? What caused this particular internet figure to catch the attention of the big N? In hindsight, it’s actually not all that surprising. The entire pokeprincxss was heavily focused on Pokemon, a property Nintendo will not hesitate to protect under any circumstances. The TikToker used the “poke” part of Pokemon in her prior name. Her body is covered in Pokemon tattoos. She even has cars with Pokemon on them.

What got her into trouble though, and ultimately got her to move away from the pokeprincxss name, was her desire to sell merch. Because she tied herself so closely to the Pokemon brand, she incorporated some of that imagery into her products. It wasn’t long before Nintendo was sending cease and desist letters. The company apparently didn’t want people to think it endorsed pokeprincxss or her content.

Ultimately, the TikTok celeb now known as digitalprincxss complied, changing her name to something entirely different in order to please the Nintendo overlords. It looks like the Pokemon tattoos will be sticking around, though, which is understandable. They’d be really difficult (and perhaps painful) to remove.

So there you have it! That is the story of how pokeprincxss became digitalprincxss. If anything, it is a lesson of how Nintendo is relentless in protecting its IP. If you’re looking to become internet famous — or anything famous, for that matter — don’t tie your brand to anything Nintendo. Unless you want to be sued. Then by all means, go for it.

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