Portal Reloaded: Chamber 10 | Walkthrough Guide


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Portal Reloaded was mistaken for the successor of Portal 2, and how couldn’t it. This community-made Portal 2 mod is more than innovative. As if two portals weren’t enough, this mod will let you use three, and the third portal is a breach between the present and future. All this is to say that this mode is more than complicated and difficult. There 25 stages to the mod, and mastering the three-portal concept is essential to beating the Chamber 10.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 10 | Walkthrough Guide

Chamber 10 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

Each chamber in the Portal Reloaded mod is difficult for the average Portal 2 players, and the 10th Chamber is no different. What you need to do though, might seem a bit tacky, but it is the easiest method.

When You Reach Chamber 10

Click the button to get the first box, and then place it in the middle of the platform after the first small red button, look at the video for reference for the exact position.

Then, use the time portal to get the other box, from the other time zone. After that, return through the same portal.

After Getting The Box

After you have the box from the future, get on the same platform on where you left the previous box.

There, get on the edge of the platform, and your goal will be to get the box to the button in front of you. Jump, and then do a 180 degree throw towards that higher platform, and release the box in midair. Do this until you get the box there.

Then, place the box on the big red button.

Portal Jump

Now you will have to jump to the doorway from which you can continue to Chamber 11. Simply turn around from where you’re standing, and then place a portal on the jump pad on the left wall.

Place a portal somewhere else, and then jump in it. When you’re at the doorway, simply place a portal under the first box that you had setup in the middle.

If you’re stuck at a certain step, or can’t seem to do something properly, refer to the video for further assistance. Also, do let us know if there are any others straightforward methods of completing Chamber 10 in Portal Reloaded.

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