Portal Reloaded: Chamber 12 | Walkthrough Guide


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Portal 2 had aged pretty well over the years. Even though ten years have already passed since its release, the game still had quite a big fan-base. Nevertheless, there seems to be a new community-made mod for it, and it seems like a big deal. Many old players are returning to try it out, but it is quite a difficult mod. It has 25 chambers, and many players struggle with getting past Chamber 12.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 12 | Walkthrough Guide

Chamber 12 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

When passing the 10th and 11th Chamber things seem too easy. But as you progress, it slowly gets harder and harder, especially from Chamber 12 up.

If you’re stuck at a certain section of this walkthrough, do be sure to check out the video for more reference.

Activating Jump Pad

When you first arrive in Chamber 12, make sure to place a portal directly under where the box drops, and another portal on the jump pad on the right of you.

Click the red button and allow the box to get on the platform to where the button is. Simply use your green portal to get to the other zone, walk up to where the button is and place another green portal. Go through it, and place the box on the button.

Opening The Doorway

In the past dimension, take the box from the button and throw it in the water. Click the button in the past dimesion to spawn another box, and place a green portal on the platform beneath it.

Trave to the other dimension quickly, and place another green portal on the same platform. While the box is bouncing, place a portal on the jump pad left of the spawn platform. Then, remove the green portal underneath the bouncing box, and place a portal. The box will fly to the button that activates the doorway to the next Chamber.

Simply go to where the box will fly out to, and place it above the button. The door will open, and you will be able to go through.

Again, make sure to look at the video for more reference if you’re having trouble with the poor instructions.

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