Portal Reloaded: Chamber 15 | Walkthrough Guide


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Portal Reloaded is a community-made mod which is quite challenging. There are 25 Chambers in this mod, and some of them are straightforward, while some are unbelievably hard. Chamber 15 is one of the hard ones, and to complete it, there are a lot of steps involved. After Chamber 15, there are other which are like it, and even more challenging. In any case, let’s get down to how you can beat Chamber 15.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 15 | Walkthrough Guide

Chamber 15 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

Follow the steps carefully, as you will be going to portals quite often, and on this stage- Chamber 15, portal placement is key, since there are a lot of lasers you will need to utilize.

Go Through Particle Field

Start off by going through the particle field on the left of you. Once inside, shoot a blue portal on the wall, where the laser is hitting it. Also place a time portal on the opposite side of the particle field wall. Then, go through the time portal.

We do this to avoid going through the particle field, as there is no particle field on the other side, and you can easily get out of that room.

Place a portal outside of the particle field room, and go through it to be in the present without touching the going through the field.


Once you’re there, make sure to place an orange portal above the laser room, and in a place where it would be hitting the first receiver in the room (on the left). Then, use a time portal to go to the future, and place it inside the laser room, to where you previously had a time portal.

Go to the present, and you will see that the two receivers are powering a platform close to the cube spawn button. Stand on it, and then put a time portal behind the receiver on the bottom (not the one on the top).


That will lift the platform, and now you can spawn a cube. Get the reflector cube and place it on the lip of the second receiver. Go to the future using a time portal, and pick up the future cube, and immediately go to the laser room.

Once you’re there, you will need to put a time portal to bring the future cube into the present. Place the cube in a way in which the laser goes through the two receivers on the right of Chamber 15.

Go Back to the Present

Use a portal to get back to the present without going through the particle field; This is essential.

Climb the stairs here, and then place the cube on the activator switch. Place an orange portal on the far wall, for the laser to go through and activate receiver three. If you have finished all other steps, the test Chamber 15 will be complete.

Make sure to use the video for more guidance, if you’re stuck on a certain part of the guide.

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