Portal Reloaded: Chamber 17 | Walkthrough Guide


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There is some disparity in when it comes to difficulty in Chambers in Portal Reloaded. Some are incredibly tough, and others, well, sometimes you get lucky. Chamber 17 of Portal Reloaded requires a bit of ingenuity to complete it, since you do have to do some interesting stuff. We managed to beat it, and today, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to beat Chamber 17.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 17 | Walkthrough Guide

Chamber 17 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

This is a special stage in Portal Reloaded, but once you get what’s the goal, it is simple to complete. You can complete it in a few minutes. Now, it is difficult to explain all the portal placements and moves you must do, so use the video as well.

If you prefer text instructions, read-on, but if you have any trouble, look at the video as well.

Getting the Cube

Once you reach Chamber 17, use the first jump pad in front of the Chamber 17 sign. Once you get to the other floor, go through the blue light barrier, and place a green portal there.

Then, place a blue portal on the jump pad that will be on the right of you (the one where the spawn cube button is). After that, place an orange portal on the jump pad that is on the right of that one.

Use the jump pad to jump and activate the spawn button. After going through the portal, you will immediately spawn on the other portal where the cube will spawn. Here, you will have to catch the cube mid-air.

Unlocking the Door

After getting the cube, continue moving forwards, and place it on the pad in front of you. Here, it will continuously jump, so, just leave it here for now.

Look on the right, and you should see another pad. Place an orange portal here, and go down the stairs, and place a blue one on the pad where the spawn button is. Go through these portals. Go through the blue light barrier like the one on the start (where the door to the next chamber is) and you will get middle-click.

Go back out, use the jump pad that is below you to get on the second level again. Place a green portal on the jump pad that led you where the door to the next stage is. Place an orange one directly above it, and a blue one on the jump pad where the cube spawn button is. Go through the blue one.

Once you’re travelling through the portals, be ready to catch the cube from the past in mid-air. After you do that, place it on the activator to the right.

The door should open now, and you can go on the next chapter.

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