Portal Reloaded: Chamber 4 | Walkthrough Guide


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Portal Reloaded was a challenge for both the new and old players of Portal 2. It gained a lot of popularity during the last few weeks, and it is easy to see why. Every chamber is challenging right from the get-go. Particularly, Chamber 4 seems to be a stage where most players get stuck. This is surprising, since it can be finished quite easily, but only if you know what to look for. Follow the guide below to beat Chamber 4 in Portal Reloaded.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 4 | Walkthrough Guide

Chamber 4 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

Most of the chambers in this mod are pretty hard to give a walkthrough for. That is not the case with Chamber 4, as there really isn’t much to do.

Make sure to look at the video for further assistance, if you’re having any issues with any stage of the Chamber.

Here’s what you need to do:

Get the First Cube

After getting to Chamber 4, simply take a left to where you can spawn a cube. Click the button to do so. Don’t put the cube on the button just yet. Instead, leave it in the middle of the Chamber. Then, go through the green portal which is on the right from the start of the stage.

Second Cube

When you’re in the past dimension, pick up the cube from there. Go back to the regular dimension, and place the cube on the button.

Immediately pick up the other box which you left in the middle of the room, and stand on the platform which lowered. Then, the box on the button will disappear, and it will move the platform up.

When you’re up on the platform, place the box which you picked up on the right, particularly on the button. The door will open, and you can conveniently continue onwards.

That is how easy it is to complete Chamber 4, but be ready, the other chambers get harder and harder. Make sure to follow Caffeinated Gamer for more help in Portal Reloaded.

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