Portal Reloaded: All Companion Cubes Locations


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The latest hype in the Portal community is the newest Portal Reloaded mod. It is a community-made mod, and it offers a bit more complexity and new puzzle-solving content. From how well it was made and advertised, many had mistaken it for a Portal 2 rework. As for why we’re talking about companion cubes in Portal Reloaded, it is because of their reputation, and the fact that there are many in this mod.

Portal Reloaded: All Companion Cubes Locations

These aren’t anything useful to the gameplay of the mod, but we though it be appropriate to cover their locations in the what appears to be a relatively popular mod.

Companion Cubes Locations – Portal Reloaded

The companion cube became a sort of a meme in the Portal universe, and it is always interesting to find one in the wild. It has the same appearance as the regular weighted cubes, but it has a heart logo in the middle instead of the Aperture Science design.

There are thirteen companion cubes in Portal reloaded, and some are normal, some are quite hard to see. In any case, let’s see all of their locations.

Human Storage Vault

While on the railway in the Human Storage Vault look off into the distance on the right. Soon, you should see a companion box in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Time Travel

During your travel in the tubes, one companion cube will fly by in front of you. It is hard to catch among the normal ones, but if you look carefully, you will see it flying by.

Cubes and Buttons

On the elevator ride, look through the open sides from the elevator. There is a companion cube sitting on a platform.

Time Portals

On Chamber 10, go to the past dimension. Look through the cracks on the ceiling, and you should see a companion cube.


In this chamber, find the stairs, and you should see a companion cube through the broken construction on the ceiling.

Aerial Faithplates

Simply jump on the first jump pad in this chamber, and while flying, look to your left.


Look above the big laser on this chamber, and in similar fashion to other chambers in this mod, look through the ceiling cracks to see the companion cube. It is in the same place for the past dimension.


When you’re walking on the platform, some robots will open the wall on the right of you. Place a portal there, and go to it. You’ll see the cube an opening in the wall near the ceiling.


Place a portal on the jump platform that is on the far end of the chamber, straight from the start. Place a portal somewhere on the wall, and look through it. You will see a companion box in the far distance.

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