Possible Multiplayer Files Datamined in The Last of Us Part II



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Though The Last of Us may be applauded for its single player campaign, it did have a fun multiplayer mode with The Last of Us: Factions. We haven’t had any official announcements for a Factions update for TLOU2, but some dataminers have found some elements that could be for that mode.

Possible Multiplayer Files Datamined in The Last of Us Part II

Dataminer @Speclizer_ has shared a look at a jetpack and some body armor that has been found in The Last of Us Part II. Check these out:

 While these elements do look shoddy, it’s worth noting that they could just be placeholders for something more refined in the future. We don’t know if something as silly as a jetpack works in the world of The Last of Us, but that place has mushroom zombies that eat people, so I wouldn’t be too quick to judge; I guess it can also be some kind of joke cosmetic?

Naughty Dog hasn’t given us any updates when it comes to a Factions expansion for The Last of Us Part II, but with these files that been found, it’s likely it could be coming in the future. With an HBO series in the works, I’m guessing that they could be holding off the announcement to put the reveal next to the series premiere. It’s all about brand synergy at this point.

No release date has been announced for HBO’s Last of Us or a Factions expansion for Part II, but you can play The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation 4|5 now.  

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