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Gods Will Fall is an upcoming dark fantasy action RPG scheduled to release on January 29th, 2021. Taking inspiration and merging concepts from Dark Souls, Cannon Fodder and Dwarf Fortress, Gods Will Fall promises all of its players a unique, challenging yet rewarding experience.
In Gods Will Fall you take control of Celtic warriors, who have grown disillusioned with their tyrannical Gods and embark on a quest to vanquish these Gods. The fleet of warriors is destroyed on the way to the island where the Gods lurk in their dungeons, leaving just 8 warriors at your disposal as you fight through a total of 10 different dungeons and 10 different Gods, all with varying enemies, terrains and difficulties.
Gods Will Fall promises to deliver players a unique experience to them and their playthrough, with miniature narratives playing out between the characters dependent on the way that you play. As well as this, at the start of your game, your characters personalities and traits are determined at random, and these variances are numerous and almost infinite. So if you complete your first playthrough and one character manages to be your solid rock through one dungeon, you might find they have a fear for the exact same dungeon in the next playthrough.
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Dungeons are a continuous play, with no checkpoints or autosaving enabled during your battles, your only reprieve will come after you have slaughtered the God boss at the end of the level. Note that as well as character differences unique to you, you will also find that the dungeon difficulty is also entirely at random, if one play through sees you conquer one dungeon easily, the next playthrough might see this same dungeon become your undoing. The developers cited the Souls games as an inspiration for their difficulty, where it is almost certain you are going to lose a warrior or two along the way, and it is up to you whether or not you want to keep battling the same dungeon or return once you have progressed your remaining warriors.
If you lose a warrior to a dungeon, there is a chance you can use your next warrior to conquer the dungeon and save said lost warrior. This represents a high risk and high reward mechanic, where conquering a dungeon you have found yourself stuck on can replenish your team stronger than ever ready for the next dungeon. That being said, sometimes this isn’t the case, there is a perma-death mechanic that also means that certain moves can kill your warrior for the rest of the playthrough.
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Although the game saves when you’re in the overworld, the developers made sure to put an anti-cheat system of sorts in place, meaning that if during your dungeon play through you decide that you would like to start again or exit the game in-dungeon for any other reason, you will resume your game in the overworld one warrior short, having forfeited your warrior. So make sure you know your decisions are final.
Your successes and failures will determine the character development of your warriors, with some gaining confidence for every dungeon conquered, and developing relationships with each other. This does mean that if someone’s good friend is lost to a dungeon, you can see a shift in their personality.
Although dungeons are in themselves a continuous and arduous journey, boss battles will not feature a difficulty shift, like the Souls games, as developers confirmed they were aware of the game’s challenge already and felt enough was enough.
Your band of warriors will comprise of 5 different move sets and weapon types: sword, spear, axe/mace, dual wield axe/mace or two-handed axe/mace. Throughout your playthrough, you will be able to discover and equip various skill and item rewards for your warriors. Make your decisions wisely, however, as once you have assigned gear to one of your characters, this will be locked to them.
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The style of the game takes inspiration from Celtic imagery, with the developers spotting a gap in the market for this style, we have also seen Hellblade make use of a Celtic style, albeit a darker tone. Gods Will Fall by contrast uses a lighter and more natural tone, with the developers embracing the bizarre.
The thinking behind the soundtrack was to make a very alien feeling sound, with the idea of your warriors explaining an uncharted and alien region to them. When you’re in a dungeon, the idea is not that you are in a different area of the world, but rather you are in a completely separate realm, and developers made use of dark synths to convey this sense of being whisked away to a land never seen before.
At present time, there is no New Game +, although the developers made sure to say that the idea is interesting and they would never say never. As it stands, the developers say that the game’s replay value will come in the various different narratives that can form and the variations in each playthrough. On the subject of extra content, downloadable content is planned for Gods Will Fall, but there are no other details to be shared at the current time.
We can expect to see Gods Will Fall on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the 29th January 2021 available for digital download.

Preview: Gods Will Fall - PS5, PS4
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