PSN Deals: Over 300 New Discounts in Latest EU/UK PSN Sales


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If last week’s EU/UK PSN Deals seemed a little light (we got Red Dead Redemption 2 as Deal of the Week, you swines!) then perhaps this week’s offers will have you reaching into your digital coin purse.
This week’s PlayStation store sales in the UK and Europe are plentiful with over 300 new discounts and deals across every era of PlayStation. So if you’re still rocking the PS3 and PS Vita combo, you’ll still find something worth your time and precious hard drive/memory card space.
Some highlights this week include Bloody Zombies, which is also PSVR compatible. Our Jeremy Peterson was smitten with this one in his review. For me, I’d say Homefront: The Revolution is a bargain at £6.49. It didn’t review well when it released but it has seen a few decent updates since then and it’s a decent open-world shooter with some neat ideas. It also looks pretty nice on the PS4 Pro.
If you’re looking for a lengthy showcase for your PSVR headset, Robinson: The Journey is a safe bet. I really enjoyed it when I reviewed the game before its release, though many were disappointed by the premium price tag for a game that “only” runs for a few hours. At the reduced rate of £12.99 (£11.74 with PS Plus) you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth. It’s also a looker on the PS4 Pro.
Speaking of PS4 Pro lookers and PSVR goodies, Farpoint is now only £7.99. Seven. Nintey. Nine. That is an absolute steal, even more so if you’re already in possession of the PSVR Aim controller. It was the game that kicked off the shooter renaissance on the PSVR and it deserves to be played be as many people as possible. Don’t believe me? Read my glowing review through here and then fight me if you think I’m wrong.
And finally, if your PS Vita has not made it onto eBay yet, there are a few decent offers this week for handheld enthusiasts. Hotmline Miami 2: Wrong Number is an obvious choice if you’re a fan of the series and want to be able to cause maximum mayhem on the loo. If you’re a thinker when you’re making a stinker, Hitman: Go and Lara Croft: Go are must-haves, and at £1.29 and £1.69, you’re getting a bargain.
I like to get my recommendations out into these articles, and I think that should spread to the games you should avoid. Tempting as it may be, the Grand Theft Auto games (from the PS2-era) are not worth the money. They’re discounted and they’re still great games, they’re just not great games on PS4. Avoid if you can help it, but lower your expectations if you can’t. They run really horribly on PS4 – even on the Pro.
For the full list of discounts and deals, head on through here.
What are you picking up in this week’ sales? Will you be taking my advice? Will you consult your life coach before making any purchasing decisions? Do you need a life coach? Call me, I’m always looking for extra tax-free work. 
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PSN Deals: Over 300 New Discounts in Latest EU/UK PSN Sales

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