QuakeCon 2021 Goes Online With Skyrim Streams and Deathloop Deep Dives


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Three days of events for you to watch from home.

Once again, the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic has stopped us from enjoying QuakeCon, which is sure to be filled with the most anticipated games from Bethesda and ID Software, in person. Not to worry though, as QuakeCon has been brought online through both Twitch and Discord.

QuakeCon 2021 Goes Online With Skyrim Streams and Deathloop Deep Dives

The three-day-long event will begin at 2pm ET (7pm BST) on Thursday, August 19th where even on the first day there will be six Developer Panels such as firstly celebrating 25 years of Quake with id Software and MachineGames, followed by a deep dive into Deathloop and also an update to what the studio of DOOM Eternal has been up to.

Even if, like me, you can’t stay for the entire night of QuakeCon due to it ending (depending on where you live) in the early hours of the morning, you can still pop in and out to be nosey at your favourite events. As a big Elder Scrolls fan I’ll definitely be trying to catch those Skyrim streams – I’ve been waiting years for a new one. Any day now, they’ll announce it. I can feel it.

Day two has far fewer Developer Panels with another one for Deathloop and a dungeon speed run competition in The Elder Scrolls Online. In between these streams is more anniversary fun with Skyrim, chats, and an exclusive musical performance by Trivium.

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On the final day of QuakeCon, the streams begin to rest up with a Doom Eternal Battle mode community bonanza – their words, not mine – and a live art creation of The Elder Scrolls Online to finish the event at 6:30pm ET (11:30pm BST).

But where would QuakeCon be without its charities? This year viewers can donate directly from the stream to a variety of charities like Asian American Advancing Justice (AAJC), NAACP Legal Défense and Education Fund, The Trevor Project, and UNICEF.

Not to mention the merch that can be purchased on the website or the prize draws you can get involved in through Discord to make this as exciting as possible, even if we are all trapped in front of another screen.

If you need any more of a push to watch then due to QuakeCon using Twitch, those that watch a minimum of 15 minutes of any of the QuakeCon Elder Scrolls Online streams will receive a Twitch drop containing one Ouroboros Crown Crate and one Flame Atronach Pack Wolf pet – just make sure your accounts are linked on Twitch.

To find out more about this jam-packed event then check the Quakecon website.

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