9 Best Games for 4GB RAM PC


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Seeing all the high-end gaming setups on TikTok these days really has made us think that we need a monster PC in order to play games. However, you’d be surprised by how many popular and extremely fun games actually require only 4GB of RAM to run smoothly. As a result, I’ve collected a list of 9 of the best games for a 4GB RAM PC that you will enjoy playing.

9 Best Games for 4GB RAM PC

Far Cry 3

9 best games for four gb ram pc

We all know that great hardware can cost a lot. But you don’t always need top-of-the-line specs to play some of the most popular games such as Far Cry. Everything from Far Cry 3 and older versions can be played on a PC with 4GB of ram. You will still have smooth graphics, decent FPS, and a lag-free experience.

It is surprising how such an immersive game like Far Cry 3 doesn’t really require high-end specs. The game features lots of missions, a gorgeous open world, a long storyline, and great graphics. What more could you want?

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

nine best games for 4 gb ram pc

Every PC gamer has probably heard about the Assassin’s Creed game series once or twice. It’s the ultimate mix of adventure, action, and history. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag takes place during the 18th century and greatly focuses on the lives of the real pirates of the Caribbean.

Even though the game was released in 2013, it has extraordinary graphics, a long storyline, and some of the best fighting you’ve ever seen. Who knew that the minimum system requirements for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag were only 2GBs of RAM? The recommended system requirements are still 4GB, which is perfect.

Mafia 2

nine best games for four gb ram pc

Alright, let’s take a break from all the adventures on islands, forests, and the sea and focus on the nightlife in the big cities. Mafia 2 shows you the inside look at the life of crime. It’s a game that features a bit of everything, action, brutal fights, car chases, mind-blowing plot twists, and much more. You get to follow a character who turns to the life of crime mainly during 1951. It’s an action-packed game that involves a lot of shooting and an amazing storyline. Best of all, you only need 4GB of RAM to play it.

Battlefield 4

9 best games 4 gb ram pc

The Battlefield game series has always been known to contain mind-blowing plots and storylines. Battlefield 4 is no different, as it offers intense missions filled with lots of action, strategy, and as much shooting as you can handle. You will be tasked with securing a crucial piece of intelligence regarding a new military uprising starting in China.

In addition, you can also play Battlefield 4 in multiplayer mode with your friends. It offers a variety of exciting maps and several different game modes. You get all that, and more, with just 4GB of RAM on your PC.


9 best games four gb ram pc

If action and adventure aren’t your thing, then how about sports? Who says you need a console or an expensive PC to play some of the best sports games ever developed? FIFA 16 may not be the newest in soccer sports games but it still packs a strong punch. FIFA 16 includes over 70 stadiums and 50 real-world venues. In addition, you can choose to play in Career Mode and progress with your team or play multiplayer and show some other people how soccer is really played.

The game features excellent graphics, great animation, a lot of customizations, a great Career campaign mode, and a lot more. Everything it has to offer is definitely more than enough for a 4GB RAM PC.


nine best games four gb ram pc

Overwatch is one of Blizzard’s most popular and iconic games to this day. It was released in 2016 and has amassed quite the player base. At first, when many Twitch streamers started streaming Overwatch, I thought you’d probably need a powerful PC to play this game. Little did I know you can play this game with only 4GB of RAM.

Even though it doesn’t require super high specifications, Overwatch is an amazing game with an astonishing design. It’s extremely fun given that it’s a hugely competitive game and lots of people are playing it. So, if you have a PC with only 4GB of RAM, you can still be a part of the growing Overwatch player base and join in on the fun.

Resident Evil 6

9 best games 4 gb ram for pc

The Resident Evil game series has almost 30 games stacked up so far. Out of all those games, Resident Evil 6 has been the most popular one. It’s extremely exciting, has one of the best storylines out of the entire series, and, best of all, it only requires 2GB of RAM. Even though it’s one of the best of the series, you may feel a bit underwhelmed with the scary parts in Resident Evil. It’s not as scary as some of the newer ones but it still has amazing features for a game that came out in 2012.

GTA: San Andreas

9 best games for 4 gb ram for pc

Let’s not forget one of the biggest and most popular classics of the 21st century, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If you ask anyone born in the 90s whether they’ve played GTA: San Andreas, chances are massive that they would say yes. This game is perfect in almost any way except for slightly lacking in the graphics area. However, for a game that came out in 2004, it’s quite exceptional.

But, that’s not the important part. GTA: San Andreas contains exciting missions, tough gangs and characters, lots of amazing vehicles, great places to visit, and a storyline that you won’t forget until your last days. So, if you have a PC that has even less than 4GB of RAM, and you love exciting games with lots of shooting, driving, and action, then this is going to be the perfect game for you.

Hitman Absolution

9 best games 4 gb ram on pc

Last but not least, playing Hitman Absolution will be the same as watching an intense action movie where you control what’s about to happen next. You get to control the life of Agent 47 as he embarks on a new dangerous mission to protect a genetically enhanced teenage girl from various threats.

It’s going to be tough, I won’t lie to you. You will face enemies that will be hard to beat, you will have to escape from places that appear to have no way out, and you will have to kill a lot of bad guys. If that sounds exciting at all, and if you have a lower-end PC, then this is one of the best games for 4GB RAM PCs that you can possibly get.

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