Rainbow Six Siege: Can’t Buy Credits (Solution)



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Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the most technical and strategic FPS games out there. However, even though there are many that love this game, its long-lived popularity was bumpy to say the least. The biggest reason for that was some of the underlying issues that had a proclivity of happening to the players. Thankfully, the developers have been quick each time on finding and patching errors and issues.

Rainbow Six Siege: Can’t Buy Credits (Solution)

Still, there are some that might be a bit annoying that might still affect Rainbow Six players. One of them, is the inability to buy credits from the store, using the Steam wallet.

Unable to Buy Credits – Rainbow Six Siege Solution

There has been an ongoing investigation and conversation about this issue on the Steam Community forum, and the developers have confirmed, that this is actually an underlying issue, and not particularly an individual one.

What seems to be the case is that, Ubisoft servers cannot fully communicate with those from Steam, hence the required transaction from the Steam wallet cannot be made.

But there has been a solution for inability to buy credits using the Steam wallet in Rainbow Six Siege, by a determined player:

  1. Launch Steam as an administrator.
  2. Go to Steam, and then Settings.
  3. Find “Web Browser”.
  4. Hit “Delete Browser Cache” and then OK.

After doing this, make sure to restart your Steam client, but also run it as an administrator again. Find a R6 shortcut, and run that as an administrator.

Then, you can navigate to the store and try to buy credits. If you’re still experiencing the issue, you can repeat the process again. However, if this solution didn’t fix your issue, ensure that you have an internet connection, and a stable one for that matter.

Still, that could also not be the case on why you’re getting this issue. So, consider contacting the proper support team to get information or help on the given issue. In this case, players can contact Ubisoft Support.

There isn’t much information on when this issue will be fixed, but on a few threads in the Steam Community, the support states that the developer team is working on a fix.

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