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Random Events are what make simulation games more exciting, and Stardew Valley has a ton of them! This article will go into some of the strangest occurrences you might experience in the game, especially if you plan on pouring so many hours playing it.

More Random and Strange Events in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is notorious for having Random Farm Events that will leave you confused or bewildered. Most of the rare encounters usually happen on your farm since this is where you spend half of your playtime. But who knows what else you will stumble across if you leave your farm and explore the rest of the town? 

The events mentioned below have a small chance of actually occurring. But if you’re one of those players who’ve stumbled upon these scenes, then consider yourself lucky. However, some of these events will require a slight push for you to trigger them.

Everybody Loves Mayor Lewis

Mayor Lewis is a prominent figure in Stardew Valley. He’s the Mayor, but he’s also an all-around hands-on chap who takes care of everyone and does everything to make sure Pelican Town continues prospering. He’s basically everywhere. As such, it’s not surprising if you encounter a scene where you enter one of the town’s establishments and people mistake you for being Mayor Lewis.

Very rarely, Robin will greet you when you enter her shop with this dialogue: “Lew…? Oh…” You might sometimes see Mayor Lewis checking up on her Carpentry business every once in a while. So there’s a likelihood Robin will think it was the Mayor who walked through her door instead of you.

Aside from that, there’s also a 0.01% chance Marnie will assume you’re Mayor Lewis upon entering her ranch. Even more interesting is her seemingly disappointed reaction when she realizes that you’re not him. If you’re familiar with Mayor Lewis and Marnie’s secret relationship, you’ll find this situation more hilarious than strange. But this random event still earns a spot on this list because of how uncommon it is.

The View From the Summit

Mr. Qi is introduced to players late in the game, and he’s responsible for giving challenging quests that will provide you with the valuable Qi Gems when accomplished. He can mostly be seen in his Skull Cavern Casino or the Walnut room in Ginger Island.

The Walnut Room is where you can go if you have a hankering to take on Qi’s quests. A Perfection Tracker Board can also be found in this room, and it details here how far you’ve progressed in completing the game to 100%.

You’ve probably already noticed the boulder that blocks the passage to the north of the Railroad. There is no way you can break it with a pickaxe, no matter how much you upgrade or enchant this tool. The only way to remove it is by officially perfecting the game. Once you achieve 100% perfection, you will be rewarded with a glorious sight from The Summit.

The Summit is an exterior part of the Railroad. When you first arrive at the Summit, an end-game cutscene will play. However, that’s not the only special scene you can witness in this place. Given that you’ve achieved some of these requirements, you may be fortunate enough to view some of these rare scenes from the Summit.

On Winter 25, you might see Santa in the distance riding on his sleigh. There’s also a 25% chance you’ll see a Seasonal Bird flying past as you enter the Summit.

If you have become good friends with Harvey and encountered his 8-heart event, you may see a zooming jet pass by. The same goes for Maru. You might see her invention MarILDA on the horizon after you’ve unlocked her 10-heart event.

The Summit might also remind you of the time you’ve decided to get rid of your children. If you’ve turned multiple of your children into doves, there’s a 15% chance you’ll see some doves flying at a distance.

More Shipping Screen Animations

Some of the rarest scenarios in the game don’t just occur on your farm or somewhere in Pelican Town. They may also be encountered in the Shipping Screen Menu.

When you turn in for the night on Winter 24, keep an eye out for Santa as you might see him crossing with his reindeers on the top of the Shipping Screen. On some nights, you’ll see a full moon on the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking on it several times will reveal the face of the moon man sporting a monocle. The rarest animation you’ll see on the Shipping Screen is a UFO passing by, and it will only appear if it’s not 28th or if it did not rain on that day.

The Curious Sea Creature

The Wizard was the one who enlightened us to the fact that Merpeople exist in this game. According to him, these Sea Creatures are curious about your festivities, and they get quite upset when people throw their litter into the ocean.

In very rare instances, a Merperson may show itself to you south of the docks at the beach. The Merperson can be seen swimming up to the ocean’s surface, but this creature has a one in a million chance of spawning in that area.

You can actually witness a Merperson that looks exactly like this one when you reach 14 hearts with Krobus. You have to be on the beach between 8 PM and 1 AM to encounter his 14-heart event. It will show a serene scene of him riding on the Sea Creature’s tentacle while they swim around with the Moonlight Jellies.

The Haunting of the Dove Children

The strangest and most creepy encounter so far is the one that will probably question your in-game life choices. The event will ensue after you decide to dismiss your children by offering the Dark Shrine of Selfishness a Prismatic Shard.

This spooky scene occurs on the 26th of Fall. If you want to trigger this event, you may watch the television on that day and click on the ??? channel. An Ancient Doll will appear on the TV with a dialogue that says: “You’ve brought this upon yourself… now I’m free… Hee hee hee!” The Doll will then pop out of the screen and will be added to your inventory.

After encountering that cryptic scenario, if you head to the Witch’s Hut, a glowing red Ancient Doll will hover in front of the Dark Shrine of Selfishness. The doll will charge at you, and if you strike it with a weapon, it will turn into a crow and flutter away.

Assuming that you haven’t come across this unsettling scene yet, you may also receive a more unsettling phone call from one of your dismissed children. When you answer the phone call, it will display a text that says: “You place the receiver to your ear” and then met with a roiling, abrasive static. But wait… beneath it all, you can make out something else… an otherworldly voice… ‘Y-O-U H-A-V-E F-O-R-S-A-K-E-N U-S” Now this will really make you think twice about getting rid of your children if you haven’t done that yet.

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