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Learn all of the random farm events in Stardew Valley!

All Random Farm Events in Stardew Valley

Have you ever had those rare moments in Stardew Valley where something unexpected happened right after going to bed? It could be anything from hearing eerie animal noises or seeing a cutscene of a fairy visiting your farm. Many random occurrences exist in the game you might not have experienced yet. What could have caused them, and what do they mean? This article will uncover all these farm events individually, so you’ll know what to expect when these random scenes appear on your screen.

Assorted Farm Events in Stardew Valley

The events that transpire here can either positively or negatively affect your game. There are some requirements to avoid the possibility of encountering them, which means preventing them from happening is also feasible.

Your Spouse Asks if You Want a Child

RFE Pregnant

Having an additional member in your family can be a wonderful thing, but your spouse will have to ask for your consent first before you may be able to adopt or give birth to a baby. There’s a 5% chance for this event if you have at least ten hearts with your spouse. You’ll only encounter this if you have installed an empty crib and two small beds in your house. 

RFE Pregnant2

Once you’ve both tucked yourselves to bed, your spouse will ask if you want to have a baby. Agreeing to your spouse’s request will have you welcome a new child into your household after 14 days. Declining their request will not affect your relationship, so it’s okay to refuse if you think this isn’t the right time to have a child.

Your Animal Gives Birth Overnight

RFE AnimalBirth

Animal conception can occur if you have room for another animal in your barn. This rare event can also happen with a bare possibility if your barn-dwelling animals have their pregnancy enabled. In the middle of the night, a text informs you that one of your animals has given birth.

The next day, you can visit your barn and be prompted to give your new baby animal a name.

A Wild Animal Attacks Your Pets

RFE WildAnimalAttack2

Sometimes, leaving your animals outside your coop or barn before going to bed can have dire consequences. You’ll know if a wild animal has invaded your farm if you see a black screen and hear a frightening howl of a predator, followed by a distressed noise from your animals.

If, by chance, you’ve accidentally left your coop or barn animals outside with their door closed, there’s a possibility they will get attacked by an unknown beast, and you may lose one of your animals forever.

A Witch Puts a Curse On Your Coop or Slime Hutch

RFE Witch1

A sudden Witch visit can bring you misfortune or good luck. Nonetheless, witnessing this rare event for the first time is quite exhilarating.

RFE Witch2

After turning yourself in for the night, a cutscene will show a Witch flying by one of your farm buildings. If the Witch inflicts a curse on your coop, she will leave a void egg you may put in the incubator to hatch a void chicken. You must first upgrade your Coop to a Big Coop, and it must have enough space for at least one egg. If you have a Slime Hutch on your farm, the Witch might put a curse on it and turn all your Slimes into black Slimes. Placing a Wicked Statue that you can purchase from Krobus inside the Slime Hutch will prevent this from happening. Meanwhile, perfecting the game to 100% will have the Witch kindly reward you with a Golden Egg.

A Fairy Blesses Your Crops

RFE CropFairy1

The Crop Fairy is another supernatural entity that may pass by your farm while you’re sound asleep. There’s a 1% chance for this scene to appear if it’s not raining or if it’s not winter.

RFE CropFairy2

In this scene, the Crop Fairy will visit and sprinkle its magical fairy dust on a random area on your farm. It will turn a 5×5 section of your crops to mature overnight, making it possible for you to harvest these crops the next day.

A Meteorite Lands on Your Farm

RFE Meteorite1

Sometime after you fall asleep, a boulder from outer space may land on a random area on your farm. This event has a 1% chance of happening. The following morning, you will see a text saying an explosion was heard at night.

RFE Meteorite2

You can locate the bright purple meteorite anywhere on your farm. Unfortunately, this event may hurt you since the meteorite could ruin the layout of your farm or land on top of your crops and destroy them. You will need a Golden Pickaxe to remove it, which is also tragic for beginners who can’t easily afford to upgrade them. If you open the boulder, you’ll get Iridium Ores, Stones, and Geodes.

Weird, Unexplainable Farm Events in Stardew Valley

Some of these events don’t make sense, but making up stories or speculations about why they happen is fun. Moreover, these strange occasions sometimes leave something surprising or memorable on your farm, which is always a bonus.

A Stone Owl Spawns on Your Farm

RFE StoneOwl

The statue can be found anywhere on your farm with no object, tree, etc. Whoever left this Stone Owl Statue may think you would appreciate having an extra decoration on your farm, or it could be a sign of a foreboding event that could arise soon. In actuality, the Stone Owl doesn’t do anything but stand around like a proper statue. A vendor at the Night Market sells another Stone Owl Statue, and the item becomes available on the 17th of Winter. The two statues may have the same name but differ in appearance. The one that spawns in your farm may look like a younger and rounder version of the Stone Owl that you can buy at the Night Market.

A Strange Capsule Comes From Nowhere

RFE Capsule2

A suspicious-looking capsule with a fleshy substance inside can appear once in your playthrough. The chance of this event occurring is as small as 0.05%. An odd UFO sound will play this time after you hit the hay. But unlike the Stone Owl, which only comes across as a decoration, the Strange Capsule has creepy yet interesting lore behind it.

RFE Capsule3

After three days of acquiring this capsule made of glass, it will crack apart and release the creature inside. A shadowy creature will show itself if you walk around the Bus Stop or in Pelican Town, where plenty of bushes exist. You won’t be able to talk to it as it will dart between the bushes, too far and fast for you to catch but near enough to see as it playfully waves its arms at you.

A UFO Appears


The appearance of a UFO on the Shipping screen is considered the rarest event in the game. If it’s not raining and not the 28th of any season, there’s a 0.001% chance that you may see a UFO at a distance.

This event could be linked to the Strange Capsule, which may have contained an extraterrestrial creature before it broke. Many also speculate that the descendants of dwarves roaming another planet are piloting the UFO. Whatever its real story and purpose, we may never know.

So far, these are the random farm events you could encounter as you play Stardew Valley. Outside your farm, there are other rare, inexplicable events that you may be able to discover and witness — if you’re lucky! However, that’s an article for another day.

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