Red Dead Meets Doom in Extended Gameplay Trailer for Evil West



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Besides their latest Shadow Warrior game, Flying Wild Hog is gearing up for this new cowboy adventure with a fantasy twist—Evil West. The game is set to come out this September, and we have some extended gameplay that gives us 10 minutes of this vampire-hunting gunslinger.

Red Dead Meets Doom in Extended Gameplay Trailer for Evil West

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Evil West, the third-person action game that puts you in the boots of a vampire hunter rescuing a Wild West devoured by darkness, starts unleashing hell with an Extended Gameplay Trailer ahead of its release on September 20 on PS4 and PS5. Watch 10 minutes of uncut gameplay sequences topped with fresh cinematic glimpses of Evil West’s unearthly narrative.

As you can see, the game pretty much blends the Wild West setting of Red Dead Redemption and infuses it with some vampire fantasy; there’s even a bit of Doom there what with all the bloody, disgusting aliens as well as the creepy settings.

While you do get access to your gun, the game also gives you a steampunk gauntlet that you can use to bash some monsters. Looking at the skill tree also gives you improvements on all your gear so you can go as crazy as you want with the enemies—whether they be monsters from the underworld, or other unruly cowpokes.

With a release date set for September, we should expect a marketing push to go further sometime around August or July.Evil West launches this Sept. 20 for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4|5.

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