How to Remove a Nintendo Switch Screen Protector


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The Nintendo Switch is particularly popular among the youngest gamers for it’s one of the most child-friendly video game consoles.

How to Remove a Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

It’s a portable console, which means that there’s a greater chance of damaging the screen. That’s why most users apply a screen protector. But when it’s time to replace it, you might not know how to do it properly.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to removing and installing a screen protector on your Nintendo Switch. We’re going to explore them all and talk about why screen protectors are important.

Removing the Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The most important thing to remember about removing your Nintendo Switch screen protector is that the difficultly level of this process will depend on a couple of things:

  1. The quality of the installed screen protector.
  2. The quality of the technique used to install the screen protector.

If you’ve purchased a more reliable screen protector in the first place, then the installation probably went a lot better too.

When it’s time to remove the screen protector, the best-case scenario will be that you lightly lift the protector with your fingernail at one of the corners of your Switch and gently peel it off.

If you’re lucky, the screen protector will peel off smoothly and you won’t see any residue on the screen. But make sure not to rush the process and take your time with it.

Alternatively, if you’re having issues lifting the edge of the screen protector, you can use a toothpick. Gently try lifting the screen protector and then get your fingers or fingernails on it and rip it off.

Or, you can even try some duct tape. Use a small piece to connect the sticky ends and then lift the screen protector. You’ll be sure to avoid any potential damage that a toothpick might cause, however unlikely.

Remove a Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Try Applying Some Heat

Screen protectors for the Nintendo Switch work just like those for smartphones, and most people use them. And if you’ve ever had to remove a screen protector from your phone, you know that sometimes it just doesn’t come off that easily. That’s because some types of screen protectors might use stronger adhesives to keep the protector on.

That’s not ideal for your Switch, and ripping off the screen protector forcefully might damage the screen. You can use a hairdryer on low and from a distance to loosen up the adhesive and remove the screen protector.

But be advised that this might be a delicate job. Don’t apply too much heat or too closely or you may risk damaging the console.

How to Remove Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Your Nintendo Switch Screen Is Plastic

This is something that even loyal Nintendo Switch users may not know. It’s just not something you’d assume, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Since it’s a portable gaming console, it’s also more likely to sustain screen damage. The plastic screen ensures that there’s a minimal chance of breakage.

This is a fantastic feature on the one hand, but on the other, it might not be that great. The plastic screen is simply easier to scratch, and those scratches are quicker to accumulate compared to a glass screen. That is why even the manufacturer suggests using a screen protector.

Benefits of Using a Screen Protector on Your Nintendo Switch

No one actually likes using a screen protector, especially not on a cool-looking console like Nintendo Switch. Aesthetically, they don’t add any value and worse, they make it look worse. But you should still absolutely use it, and here are a few reasons why.

Fewer Scratches

Let’s reiterate a very important feature of screen protectors – they will minimize scratching. Just think about it, you’re probably going to put it in your backpack or even your pocket.

The pens, keys, and other stuff in there are going to scratch the screen, often to the point of affecting your gaming.

No Fingertips or Smudges

Getting a high-quality tempered glass screen protector for your Nintendo Switch will help you keep the screen cleaner. You can expect it to repel dust, sweat, and other kinds of debris, and it will allow you to maintain it better.

Better for Your Eyes

While even the best screen protectors aren’t magical and won’t make looking at the screen a healthy habit, they do help. A quality screen protector usually has a coating that reduces glare and, as a result, causes less strain to your eyes.

Remove Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

How to Reattach a Screen Protector on Your Nintendo Switch

As we mentioned, removing the screen protector will be a much easier job if you had applied it properly in the first place.

Are you doing this for the first time or installing a screen protector after removing the old? Regardless, the trick to proper screen protector installation is to avoid air bubbles in the gap.

Here are the most important steps to follow when applying a screen protector.

1. Everything Needs to Be Clean

Everything means both the console and your hands. If possible, try using a suitable cleaning solution or even just a little bit of water to remove any dust, fingertips, or smudges on the screen first.

2. Handle the Screen Protector with Care

It’s so easy to get anxious when applying the screen protector on your Switch’s screen. You have to be careful and not drop it or touch the sticky side with your fingers. If that happens, you’re better of getting a new screen protector.

3. Always Start from the Edge

To avoid air bubbles, start applying the protector at one edge of your console. Always go slow and it’ll be easier to pull back a bit and resume if bubbles appear.

4. Even Out Any Bumps

After you’ve successfully applied the screen protector, it’s time for the finishing touch. Grab a credit card and gently “push out” any tiny bubbles or bumps that you might notice on the screen. If your installation was otherwise correct, that should do the trick and you’re ready to start using your Nintendo Switch.

Keep Your Nintendo Switch Good as New

If you use your Switch console a lot and carry it around with you, you’re likely to need to change the screen protector frequently. Investing in a good tempered glass screen protector will make it easier to remove later on.

Installing a new protector is also not complicated, but you do have to keep calm and go slow. Also, keep in mind that using your Switch without a screen protector, although more comfortable, isn’t the best way to go.

Do you use a screen protector on your Switch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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