Resident Evil Village is out now, and you can get it cheaper on PC


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If you’re a Resident Evil fan, a horror fan in general, or just someone mesmerized by tall vampire women, you’ve likely been keeping an eye on Resident Evil Village. The good news? The game is out today on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The even better news? You can grab a discounted copy on PC already. Yes, the PC gaming gods already saw fit to bestow upon Village a price drop upon those who call Windows home. You lucky ducks.

Resident Evil Village is out now, and you can get it cheaper on PC

In order to nab this deal, you’ll need to head on over to a website called There, you’ll discover that Resident Evil Village is currently on sale for a mere $48.98. And before you go, “Aw, I don’t want to install another launcher! I want Village in Steam!” Gamebillet is just selling you the code. And that code does, in fact, activate in Steam. This kind of competition is what happens when third-party shops are allowed to sell digital codes. (This, coincidentally, is a big part of why Sony is being sued over the PlayStation Store.)

If you haven’t purchased Village already and you planned on doing so for PC, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t head over to Gamebillet and grab a discounted code. It’s unclear how long the price will remain lower than retail.

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