Resident Evil Village: Where To Find the 5 Bells


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Finding the 5 Bells in Resident Evil 8 Village will open up a new area in the castle for you. Some of the bells are a bit tricky to find, but do not worry because even if you go out of the room where the bells are they will continue ringing.

Resident Evil Village: Where To Find the 5 Bells

Where to Find the 5 Bells – Resident Evil Village

Bell 1

This bell is super easy to find, the moment you enter the room on the left of the easel you will see the bell sitting next to the statue on the table.

Bell 2

Just beyond the easel, you will see in the distance gears swinging. On one of these gears is attached the bell. Here you will need to watch carefully, line up the shot, and you will be bound to see it.

Bell 3

Now you will need to look up to the skylight that is above the lavish portrait of Lady Dimitrescu. First, shoot it out then go to the left of the room and walk up the small set of stairs and peek out the window. There you will be able to see the bell, in the tower next to you. Take it out with a weapon, we just do not recommend the Shotgun.

Bell 4

While you are still up just turn to the right and you will spot the Chandelier hanging from the ceiling. For you to be able to see the bell just shoot it and it will propel forward revealing the bell. Maybe it will take a couple of shots to line it up perfectly but once you have done it, it should not be a problem. But if you are struggling now you can use the shotgun.

Bell 5

This bell for me was the trickiest to find because I did not know that the bells are a different size, but once you know that, it is becoming a bit more obvious. Directly to your right, when you enter the room, is an armoire under the painting. On top of the armoire is the mini bell, and the final bell that you need.

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