Resident Evil Village: Meastro’s Collection Lock Combination


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While there are a lot of puzzles in Resident Evil Village, there are also a lot of minor challenges. For example, players will come across a lot of objects or structures that will require some unorthodox method of opening. One prime example is the Maestro’s collection lock in the Luthier house. But to access the locked cupboard, one must input a lock combination.

Resident Evil Village: Meastro’s Collection Lock Combination

Maestro’s Collection Lock Combination – Resident Evil Village

In order to enter Luthier’s house, one must get the key for the front door from the garden of Beneviento’s house. Go inside Luthier’s house using the key.

Immediately look to your left after entering the house. You will see a drawing on the wall with a ‘Happy Birthday’ note. There will be a date on the birthday drawing as well.

Well, the Maestro’s collection lock combination is actually the birthday that is smeared on the drawing at the entrance of Luthier’s house. The combination for the Meastro’s collection lock is ‘270917’.

SPOILER ALERT: In the cupboard you will find an upgraded higher caliber magazine for the F2 Rifle, and a bird statue, named ‘Steel Hraesveglr’.

Other than that, there are not that many interesting items in the Luthier house. You can loot other drawers and cupboards and get some gold along with some other various items, but nothing special really.

If you’re having trouble finding the actual key to Luthier’s house, make sure to look for a gate in the Garden. Follow that path until you reach a tiny hut. Inside, you will find an old typewriter, use it to manually save the game, and along with it, you will acquire the key to the house.

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