Returnal Nemesis Boss | How to Beat


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After the battle in Returnal’s Derelict Citadel the next boss will be the Nemesis. This boss will be the hardest one that you faced yet. To get to this boss you will need to go beyond the long corridor with a sidearm highlighted in red, located at the top of the Derelict Citadel. This will trigger the fight with the Nemesis boss.

Returnal Nemesis Boss | How to Beat

Nemesis Boss – Stages and Attacks

Phase One

The Nemesis will have a weak spot that it is in the center and it is shining red.

So, for you to do more damage you should keep shooting at it at any moment, but keep in mind that in the same time you will need to dodge the blue orbs that it will be sending. To avoid them just wait for the blue orbs to come close to you and just dodge them by moving left or right.

Causing more damage will change the pattern of the blue orbs, that is why you will need to be moving constantly and at the same time align yourself with the Nemesis’s weak spot.

Phase Two

After the first bar of health is gone, the ground you stand on will start floating and the Nemesis will disappear. During this period you should make sure not to fall and keep your balance.

From all of the Nemesis’s units there will be bombardment and you won’t be able to rest absolutely nowhere. You will need to move constantly and dodge everything. After that, two of the creatures that accompany Nemesis will emit a deadly laser beam which looks like a fire beam.

Avoid it by ducking it.

Phase Three

Not long after that, you will see a crack forming in the center of the Nemesis. It will grow and the Nemesis will explode, but the game keeps going. For some time, you will be in free float, so make sure to latch onto one of the floating platforms.

Then, you will just be able to see the Nemesis red glowing center and orbs coming from it, because the boss will be far from you. To get closer to it, keep jumping through the floating platforms, since you want to get very close to it and damage its health without dying.

Meanwhile, Nemesis will emit circles, lines, spirals and different kinds of orbs. The closer you are, the more accurate your shots will be, but you can try your luck with long-range shots.

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