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New sci-fi action shooter game Returnal from Hosemarque and Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 5 is here. Returnal is a horror video game that has it’s own challenges, the first challenge that you will be faced with is Phrike. Phrike it is the game’s first boss, he is quite challenging with the different phases that he has. Phrike is a creature that stalks a room in the Overgrown Ruins. For you to be able to defeat him you will need to learn all of Phrike’s attacks that he has in all of his three phases. Bellow we will explain you the way that you can defeat this boss.

Returnal Phrike | How to Beat

How to Beat Phrike – Returnal

As we said, you need to learn its attacks and with it being the first boss you shouldn’t struggle too much to beat him.

Phase one

To escape most of his first attacks strafe left and right around the circular arena. Here are the attacks that Phrike will make in phase one:

  • Phrike will shoot a barrage of orange blasts at a single spot, once he shoots them run to the side
  • Phrike will raise its hands, this will create yellow energy bullets falling towards you. To escape them move back, forward, or sideways to dodge them.
  • While the yellow bullets are falling, Phrike will shoot a wave of purple attacks. To avoid them just strafe and dash to the sides.
  • If you see Phrike’s face glowing that means that he is charging up a powerful beam. It will aim it to the floor and shoot it towards you. To avoid the attack just dodge to the sides.

Phase two

In this phase Phrike does its attacks way faster. Also, in this phase Phrike adds a couple of new attacks.

  • Phrike will disappear in the fog that is covering the battlefield so he can teleport. For you to know where he will appear next just follow the faint red light.
  • Phrike will create an expanding red circle on the floor by charging red energy into the ground. To dodge it just jump over it.
  • After he finishes with the attack above, Phrike will charge at you and swipe at you with a glowing red arm. To escape this attack just dodge to the left or right.
  • After the short charge, Phrike will shoot sweeping red beam across the battlefield. To avoid it just jump over it or dash through it.

Phase three

In the third phase Phrike will start with the charging swipe attack. In this phase he continues using the attacks from the previous phases, but the biggest problem is that in this one he is using double attack. That means that now the glowing yellow energy bullets will be two times more.

Also, the red floor rings are doubled up, and again it finishes with the charging swipe. Be ready to dodge the melee attack and jump over the two rings of fire. The last modified move is the sweeping eye laser. Now the laser will swing back so get ready to dodge it twice.

A spinning wave of yellow bullets will be the main attack, you should weave in and out of it to not get hit. At the same time small and red energy attacks will be raining towards you.

Phrike will teleport across the room when the attack is finished.

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