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LEGO The Incredibles gave me everything I had hoped to see. It could be that I like The Incredibles a lot, or it could be that it’s just fun to play co-op as a family. Either way, despite a few minor problems, LEGO The Incredibles is the most fun I have had in a LEGO game in a long while.
I haven’t been able to see the second movie yet, but the game picks up right after the ending of the first movie. The Parr family is thrown into a non-stop fight against The Underminer that serves as an intro and basic tutorial.
If you have played a LEGO game, you already have a good grasp of the mechanics. Each stage advances the story, and you are given certain characters to use. Each character has a unique ability that they can use individually or with others to solve puzzles or reach special blocks that help you build something huge as a family.
Each level will end with that big build. Before you can reach the end, you will have to mow down some criminals, and they vary based on who you are fighting. There is usually a smaller build or two to create something to remove an obstacle and solve a puzzle. If you have trouble figuring out where to go or what to do, try using a different skill or character.
Lego The Incredibles Frozone
You can switch characters with a button press or hold down the triangle button to manually select them. Their powers work just like in the movies. Dash is incredibly quick. Mr. Incredible is strong and can break through walls. Elastigirl can stretch to create a ladder or reach a switch. Violet can create a forcefield or become invisible. Each power is useful and will need to be used in tandem with another power to overcome an obstacle.
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Review: LEGO The Incredibles - PS4
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Release Date: June 15th
  • Price: $59.99, £49.99

There is more content here than I initially thought. The story for the second movie was over in a couple hours, and I was worried until the game pushed me right into the story from the original movie. The basic storyline is still present, but there are some changes to allow for co-op.
Although single player is decent, co-op is where LEGO The Incredibles really shines. I have played the majority of the game with my young son, and it has been a blast. Both players will need to communicate a little to get things done, but there is a lot of enjoyment in being able to share the fantasy of being in the movie.
Lego The Incredibles 2
Co-op splits the screen vertically. Each player can run to any part of the level, but coming together did not join the screen into one view as I have seen in some past LEGO games. This did cut down on some visibility, and it made it a little more difficult to aim or jump in some sections. This was especially true in sections that required Frozone to create something out of ice. Once you finally find the correct starting point, you can move forward just fine with the game giving you directional arrows to follow.
If you want something a little more open, you can explore Municiberg in Free Play for hours. You can unleash your inner Hulk by smashing everything you see and scooping up studs, or you can take missions and stop a Crime Wave. Missions range from disposing of bombs to stopping angry fishermen, and each district in the city will have a Crime Wave for you to stop and many objectives to complete.
Each Crime Wave starts with a news reporter who loves her puns. She starts by describing the situation, and she comes back at the end to tell about your victory with more puns of course. It was typically funny with a combination of some sight gags and perfectly in the spirit of LEGO.
Everything from stopping Crime Waves to playing through the campaign will earn you studs. Earning studs lets you unlock more characters and vehicles to use. Some can be purchased, and others are earned by completing tasks. With over 100 characters to unlock, you will likely be working for a long time.
Lego The Incredibles Violet
With the lovely presentation in LEGO The Incredibles, that won’t be a problem. It has been a while, since I saw The LEGO Movie, but the models, characters, and world are amazing. It seems like every scene has something for fans. The cutscenes are especially detailed with reflections on the highly detailed characters. The best example is the kid who pops bubble gum on his face. That gum is shown as LEGO pieces. It’s the small things that make this game.
As good as they are, I was not able to skip the cutscenes. When playing with a small child, sometimes you just want to get into the action. With a limited amount of time and waning interest, I really wish we could have skipped them to keep things moving.
LEGO The Incredibles gives you a chance to play through the Parr family’s adventures at home, and it puts you in the movie. Even though it can be a little difficult to see everything in split-screen, the co-op is really why you should pick it up. It’s fun and family friendly, and there is more than enough content and unlockable characters to keep you playing for a while. It was incredible.

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Reviewed using a PS4 Pro.

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