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Being able to navigate the map and move around obstacles is a key component of surviving in PUBG. The faster you can get out of the open and into cover or the faster you can assault a building, the better your chances of survival. That’s why I put together this guide showing you how to jump through windows and vault in PUBG together.

How To Jump Through Windows and Vault in PUBG

As a relative newcomer to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, I have watched hundred of videos and Twitch streams to try to get to grips with this deceptively simple yet frustratingly difficult game. I am putting everything I have learned into this so you have an easier time of it than I did.

Apparently, earlier versions of PUBG allowed you to keybind some of the more difficult maneuvers like crouch jumping. That isn’t possible now. Instead, you have to master the commands yourself and practice whenever you can. Alongside weaving when running, these jumping techniques can make a serious difference to how long you survive in this game.

How to jump through windows and vault in PUBG2

How to jump through windows in PUBG

Jumping through windows does take some practice. Even after watching a dozen or so videos showing how it’s done, it took me lots of games to get it down. Now I can do it all the time it makes a big difference to how I can play in built up areas.

The first thing to know is that you cannot jump through all windows in PUBG. You can only jump through larger rectangle windows. You cannot jump or climb through smaller ones and some are just too high. So first thing to learn is what windows you can and cannot jump through.


  1. Line yourself up with the window as square on as you can.
  2. Take a few steps back and run towards the window.
  3. Hit jump and crouch (C and Space keys) at the same time when you get close enough to be able to jump through the window.

Knowing how close to get before hitting jump and crouch takes some practice but I would say it is only a game foot or two in front of the window before you jump. Jump too far away and you will hit the wall or land on the ledge. Too close and you jump over the opening.

How to jump through windows and vault in PUBG3

How to vault in PUBG

Vaulting is an essential survival skill in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Let’s say a sniper just misses you. You turn and run and see a wall in front of you. You can run around it and leave yourself exposed for longer or you can vault over it and get into cover. The wall is effective cover from all bullets and gives you time to recover and either bug out or fire back.

Here’s how to vault:

  1. Run towards the wall.
  2. Hit jump (Space on PC) when you get close to it. Around a game foot or two.
  3. Hold down jump until you are over the object.

Vaulting is also useful when you don’t want to waste time walking or running around a long wall or obstruction.

You can only vault objects around 1.5x your height. You cannot vault vehicles and there needs to be an edge to the object being vaulted for you to be able to grab and complete the move. There also needs to be enough room to stand on top of the object you vault.

How to crouch jump in PUBG

Crouch jumping is a useful trick used in many shooters and while annoying when someone else is doing it, can be very useful for staying alive. If you’re trapped in a building for example, you can crouch jump out of a window keeping your exposure to a minimum. It is definitely something worth mastering but it is another aspect of the game that demands patience.

To crouch jump, press the C and Space keys at the same time. You will see your character perform a little jump that you can use to leap out of windows or overcome smaller obstacles. Make sure to press both keys at once in order to get this maneuver down.

Couch jump has changed a bit in PUBG. There were rumors that it would be removed but instead, the keybind was removed and the ability remained. That may change in upcoming patches. There is also supposed to be a new climbing mechanic coming soon too which could make things very interesting!

Do you have any techniques for jumping through windows and vaulting in PUBG? Tell us about them below if you’re willing to share!

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