Rhythm Meets Action-Platformer in Launch Trailer for Hi-Fi RUSH


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A lot of gamers online may have been giving Forspoken flak for the way Frey talks like she’s ‘in a Joss Whedon movie’, but it seems that nobody has any problems with that kind of dialogue with Bethesda Softwork’s Hi-Fi RUSH.

Rhythm Meets Action-Platformer in Launch Trailer for Hi-Fi RUSH

The game just launched for Xbox Game Pass, and we have a new trailer showing off the gameplay and protagonist Chai. Check it:

Here’s the official description:

As wannabe rock star Chai, you’ll fight back against a sinister robotics enhancement conglomerate using rhythm-amplified combat where everything – from the motion in the environment to the blows of combat – is synced to the music. Raise your guitar high and feel the beat in this utterly all-new title from Tango Gameworks, the team behind The Evil Within® and Ghostwire®: Tokyo.

I’ll admit, the game looks like a lot of fun, and the aesthetic really reminds of you of those early mid-2000s action cartoon series like Ben 10. The character designs also look great, and all the colorful bosses look like they jumped out of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It’s pretty crazy that the game comes from Evil Within’s John Johanas, but the gameplay does have a very interesting premise, melding together two genres with rhythm and action-platformers. It’s too early to say what gamers think of the game now, but I’m definitely interested in what Hi-Fi RUSH has to offer.

Hi-Fi RUSH is now available for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game is also available for Xbox Game Pass members.

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