RIDE 4 : How to Change Difficulty


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Changing the difficulty in RIDE 4 can be the difference between an enjoyable experience and a complete walk in the park. The game incorporates many ways to make your experience harder or easier. It just depends on the kind of difficulty you want in RIDE 4. Let’s explore how you can do it.

RIDE 4 : How to Change Difficulty

Changing the difficulty in RIDE 4

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When you start a race, you’ll need to go to the options for Riding Aids. Disabling them will bring you bigger reward bonuses, as it makes driving more difficult. Here are the options to change the difficulty in RIDE 4:

Preset – You can pick one of several, with Realistic being the most difficult.

Physic Simulation level – as with the present, the Realistic mode is the hardest while the other modes are easier

Automatic brakes – activating this makes the game easier

Transmission – you have the choice of Manual or Semi-automatic, with Manual being harder

Joint Brakes – this makes it so both your wheels break at the same time, rather than individually. Activating it makes the game easier.

ABS – this protects your wheels from being locked when you break. Activating it makes the game easier.

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Off-track help – when activated, this option makes driving on grass, sand, and ice easier.

Tuck-in – controlling your rider’s position will be done automatically when this option is on, so you don’t have to worry about that mechanic.

Ideal trajectory – this will show you the best path to take. Disable it for a more difficult experience.

Rewind – when you crash or fail, you can rewind time and fix your mistake. Turn it on to use that mechanic.

Overall, changing the difficulty in RIDE is really interesting and intuitive. You can fine-tune your experience for the best experience. All you have to do is decide what to change.

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