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This article is your ultimate guide on how to tame, saddle, and ride a horse in Minecraft.

How To Ride A Horse in Minecraft

Horses are the best way to travel long distances in Minecraft without exhausting yourself from running. These trusty docile creatures are great for traveling, and they are pretty easy to tame. The only catch? You must obtain a saddle to do it, but we will show you how to obtain one with this guide. Minecraft horses come in different colors and patterns, depending on the herd they spawn with.

They’re also plenty helpful and friendly as well, which makes them great companions as you journey in the overworld. So, on your next adventure be sure to grab yourself a trusty steed with this guide on how to tame, saddle, and ride a horse in Minecraft.

Required Materials

Saddle: A saddle is an item that can be used on certain mobs to allow players to ride and control the movement of mounted mobs such as horses, donkeys, pigs, and striders.

How To Obtain A Saddle in Minecraft?

There are many ways to obtain a saddle in Minecraft but one thing you should note down is that saddles cannot simply be crafted. It can only be obtained by other means such as fishing, trading, or looting. The simplest way to obtain a saddle is by looting chests from villages, dungeons, desert pyramids, jungle temples, strongholds, bastion remnants, or nether fortresses. You can also obtain a saddle through fishing. Each level of the Luck of the Sea enchantment increases the chances of obtaining saddles as a catch. Or you may trade with master-level leatherworker villagers for 6 emeralds per saddle. Master-level villagers can only be achieved after trading with them multiple times which means this may take a little while if you are in a hurry to obtain a saddle.

Where Do Horses Spawn in Minecraft?

Horses only spawn in plains and savanna biomes. They’re usually in a herd of two to six horses. In a single herd, they will all have the same color pattern but will likely have different spots or markings. The plains biome is known for its vast grassland that’s dotted with occasional trees and flowers. It is a fairly safe biome where passive mobs such as horses, cows, pigs, and chickens spawn. The savanna biome is similar to the plains biome except for its unique warm color ambiance and its distinct growing acacia trees.

How To Tame And Ride A Horse in Minecraft?

In order to mount a horse, you must first tame it. Here are the steps to taming and riding a horse in Minecraft:

  1. Approach a horse slowly and without holding anything on your hand, right-click on the horse to mount it. This action will start taming the horse.
  2. When the horse bucks you off, right-click on the horse again to mount it. Repeat this process until the horse does not buck you off anymore and red hearts are formed. The red hearts that appear will indicate a successful taming process for the horse and the player.
  3. Once tamed, right-click on the horse to mount it again. To open the horse menu, click on the letter E on your keyboard. Click and drag the saddle into the empty saddle slot of the menu. This will equip the horse with a saddle, allowing you to control the movement of the horse.
  4. You can then equip the horse with a saddle and an armor in each of its empty slots in the menu.
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